After the feast


After the giant turkey platter and roasting pans and chalkboard chargers have been washed and stored away for another year …     After the pumpkins have been cut and diced and sliced and mashed and baked into pies …     and eaten.     After the dryer vent pumpkins are stored away in […]

holidays in the hood

When I come downstairs in the morning and my husband hasn’t turn on the Christmas tree lights, I know that’s when he’s over it … Today he’s over it. I realize many of you might be as well … so please bear with me for one last holiday related post.  I was holding out for […]

o christmas tree, o christmas tree . . .

… why are your branches leaning? Every year it seems like our Christmas tree tilts.  Either our house is crooked … or Mike and the kids – who are in charge of picking out the tree — just can’t see straight. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.  In the end it looks pretty.  Even if […]

all i want for christmas is a present filled with fluff …

What woman’s’ heart doesn’t skip a beat at the sight of that Tiffany blue box wrapped with a simple white ribbon? Though she may be a tad disappointed to discover nothing more than fluff inside of this robin’s egg blue box … Present pillows were inspired more than a decade ago by a Pottery Barn […]

easy holiday picture card wreath

I’ve been busy decorating which always includes lots of cleaning.  This year it also included a bit of creative furniture rearrangement since my craigslist dresser and desk were still living in the family room. So today’s blog project needed to be quick, cheap and easy … and it doesn’t get much cheaper or easier than […]

ho ho mantel

I was concerned that my plan to join in on the blogland holiday mantel link parties would be thwarted by the mere fact that I don’t have a mantel.  Hard to believe that our 100+ year old house was built in Chicago sans fireplace.  I’m pretty sure it was either removed at some point – […]

dollar store decor [and houston i have a problem]

I was at it again this week.  Hit the dollar store to pick up some holiday decorations … I’m driven by the overwhelming number of holiday-themed blog link parties coming up next month.  For those who know me, I can’t say no to a good party. Problem is, I have a basement filled with bins […]