in my dreams …

Some of my greatest ideas come to me while I’m sleeping …




In that twilight time between sleeping and waking …


when my mind is fully relaxed and the stresses of the day slowly slip away.


And those creative-in-my-twilight-dream moments can only be rivaled by the shower …


when my mind lets go and the stresses of the day are washed away.

But today’s project came to me neither in my bed nor my bathroom.  It was on the fly.  As in on-the-fly following a series of unfortunate events …


… though thankfully my unfortunate events did not involve orphans or Jim Carey or many misguided and foiled attempts to eliminate said orphans by Jim Carey.


My series of unfortunate events started with a canvas.  A huge 36 x 48 canvas for sale at Michaels.  Positioned at the front of the store.  Screaming at me with a price slashed by 60%.  I couldn’t resist.  But it wasn’t an impulse buy …


I had a dream.


A dream for artwork in my fingers-crossed-soon-to-be-finished master bedroom remodel.  A large piece of original art that would grace the wall above the closet.


And this wall was not just any wall.  This was the very-first-thing-we-see-in-the-morning-wall … so I wanted it to make a statement.


Now I won’t bore you to tears with three paragraphs of unfortunate events.  Let’s fast forward to the end …


The end where I spray painted the 36 x 48 canvas with Krylon chalkboard spray paint left over from this project …


The end where, once dry, I decided to try my hand at creating some chalk art in the form of a chandelier inspired by this vinyl …




… so I used a yardstick and chalk and a measuring tape …




… and some plates and bowls and serving dishes to guide the curvature of the chalk chandelier arms …




Surprisingly, it worked out on the first try.








I was pretty pretty sure I would have to wipe down the chalkboard-spray-painted-canvas with a sponge and start over from the beginning again …




… and again …




… and again …



And as I look at my final chalk art chandelier …



… I realize it really did start as a dream …


… maybe not a dream about making a chalk art canvas …


… but my dream to have a chandelier in our bedroom.



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  1. wow! that is awesome. Not bad for sleeping.

  2. Are you KIDDING me??? This is AMAZING… l.o.v.e. And probably the only way I’ll ever get a chandelier in my bedroom, too. :)
    xo Heidi

  3. Oh my gosh, Linda. This is AMAZING. Great job. I’ll bet you’re just tickled w/ it! =)

  4. it looks AWESOME, lemony! i mean, er, linda.

  5. Love it! Every bedroom needs a chandelier, whether it’s crystal or chalk :-) I may have to steal – errrr, borrow! – this idea for my soon-to-be craft/painting room :-) I can’t hang a real chandelier because the ceiling is too low. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Wow, that looks beautiful! I can’t believe you hand painted that, you are one talented lady!!

  7. Ok Linda, I know I shouldn’t be amazed but you have done it once again! Your chandelier is simply stunning! I agree with Heather, you are definitely one talented lady! Keep up the good work. Now I’m off to destroy a “stained” glass picture… it was cracked yesterday and the glass has started to fall out so I thought I would see what I could do with it…maybe salvage the frame and some of the metalwork. :) Have a great day!

  8. That is totally awesome! I feel so inferior now!! LOL! Love how that turned out. I have an idea for some artwork but hadn’t thought of doing it in chalk. I like that idea better than paint because you CAN start over if you want – a lot easier than painting back over something! Mind if I use your idea someday? I love the chalkboard paint and chalk idea!

  9. Linda
    You are so talented, and I love your moxy. Nothing kept you from getting that chandalier…you brought it to yourself. I’m looking forward to the fall link party. Thank you again.

  10. THAT is fabulous!!!!!! I love it.

  11. You are quite the artist….Very impressive…Love it lots!!!! Great job!!!! :)

  12. I’m super-duper impressed by your talents, and especially by how resourceful you wer ein using plates to get the curvatures right, so smart Linda!

  13. This is A-mazing! You’ve got to add artist to your list of many, many talents!


  14. That looks amazing! You are a fabulous artist! :)

  15. Oh wow, Linda, I just pinned this. My daughters would looove it if I made them one (er, two…)

  16. Omgosh…this is adorable! Thanks for sharing with us how you did it!! Makes me want to give it a try :)

    Blessings – Sara

  17. That came out great and what an awesome idea to use chalk! I love chalkboard paint…endless possibilities.

  18. I have not EVER seen anyone try chalkboard on canvas: looooove this! Like, serious love. I’d buy it.

  19. Linda – that is so super pretty! Well done fulfilling your dream!

  20. Oh my goodness. I will be dreaming about this AMAZING canvas tonight. This is STUNNING. I’ve always wanted a chandelier. I always wanted a real one BUT now I would totally settle for this beautiful canvas chandelier.

  21. Gorgeous, dahhhling!!

  22. Such a neat idea, Linda! It turned out really nice. Well done!

  23. I have the vinyl chandelier – love your chalkboard version.

  24. Linda, this is totally fabulous! I can’t wait to see the whole room.
    I’m hoping your unfortunate events didn’t inlcude any man eating eels.

  25. Gogeous, I never would have pulled that off freehand…haha

  26. I’m impressed! You give the chalk challenged hope.


  27. WOW beautiful!!!!!

  28. Love it Linda. It will be great for your bedroom!

  29. I live with someone who will always veto a chandelier in a bedroom so this is a great compromise! I love Krylon’s chalkboard spray paint and actually had to stockpile some of it last year when I thought stores around me were doing away with it. Luckily the chalkboard craze stuck and everyone came to their senses and started carrying it again :) You’re very innovative figuring out which kitchen items you could use to aid you in your drawing. It looks amazing, Linda!

    P.S. I may not love paint paint, but I adore spray paint! So much so that we have to come up with a clever way to store the ridiculous amounts that are inhabiting hubby’s workshop right now. I swear they’re multiplying overnight!

  30. This is amazing! I want to steal this idea. I would love a chandelier in my bedroom. This would be perfect!

  31. How adorable! I have a great headboard from a garage sale that I wanted to use chalkboard paint on. Now that I saw your piece I can’t wait to get started on it.

  32. What a gorgeous statement it’s going to make! Totally impressed, I have to erase 3 times just writing ‘Happy Fall!’

  33. Oh my talk about awesome you have such talent and did a better job then I would be able to do

  34. This is hands-down the very coolest thing, and I want one! You are so creative, love it :)

    Hugs, Tanya

  35. Wow….that is fantastic…you did a fabulous job!!….I was laughing at the various bowls, etc as I thought I was the only one that did that…better than using a compass…that would be too easy!

  36. LOVE this! Like LOVE!

  37. I love all the chalkboard art I see around blogland, And your tutorial with the bowls made me think I could really maybe do something like this on my own.

    You did a great job!

  38. Wow, Linda! Your chandelier is fantastic!

  39. I can’t get enough of this project! Thank you so much for linking up. Sharing at my party later today! -K

  40. This is sheer brilliance. I love it and I’m probably going to have to do it. It’s just that original and charming. Best wishes, Linda

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  42. thispuglife says:

    I love this!! I can see it hanging over my bed… pinning…

  43. This is a beautiful way to use a chalkboard–I love the chandelier you created, and by hand–you are a wonderful artist! I will be at the paint party on Friday, so see you there :)

  44. This is awesome! I’ll be featuring it later today.

  45. Just love this!

  46. That is the best chalkboard art I’ve seen. I can’t believe you drew it. I love the large scale of it.Fantastic job!

  47. Hello Linda – I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got your beautiful chandy on my chalk art roundup post today, for beautiful DIY chalk art projects!

  48. That looks awesome!!! Did you spray it with something to stop the chalk from ‘dusting’ off down the track?

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