it’s a cinch: rock star planters


I have a theory.

It’s a theory that makes absolutely no sense.

A theory with no rhyme.

No reason.

And even worse, no sense of rhythm.

A tone-deaf theory, if you will …

… just like me.  I’m seriously tone deaf.  You will never hear me sing.  Not a single note.  My poor lullaby-deprived children …

But I digress.  Back to my no-rhyme-no-reason-no-rhythm-tone-deaf theory …

You see, I decided that if I made some super simple star plant markers …


… using some wooden stars and chalkboard paint …


… and attached them using glue dots to some terracotta pots …


… and then planted some indestructible (that’s what I hear) succulents in those chalkboard painted rock star marker pots …


… and then gave them some words of encouragement using a chalk paint marker …


… to, you know, to boost their little plant confidence …


… that they won’t end up looking like this …

…  in a week or two.

This no-rhyme-no-reason-no-rhythm-tone-deaf-theory it’s a cinch project is brought to you by my it’s a cinch crafting buddies …

August it's a cinch from andreaAugust it's a cinch final eclectically vintage music sheet table runner  (2)
August it's a cinch Carved Rock Necklace-1 (2)     chalkboard_paint_pots_succulent_plants_thumbnail

August It's a Cinch Karah's

… so be sure to check out the easy peasy projects they’ve whipped up this month.

P.S.  I’m not turning my back on that plant in the middle …

… there’s something ominous about that tentacle.

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  1. says

    Tone deaf and black thumb – your poor kids and your poor plants!! When not even succulents can survive, you know you need an intervention.

    So I’m here to beg on behalf of all the plants in the world – please buy plastic plants. Yes, they are ugly but they are the only things that should be in your care!

    No wonder that poor, frightened little succulent is growing that tentacle. I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you!

  2. says

    awesome rock star plant markers my friend! i love them but unfortunately my plants kind of wind up looking like that one picture…oh the black thumb decays more each day : ( i am sending all the green I can Chicago way so your gorgeous pots will continue to display your plants! : ) hugs and carbon dioxide to you and your plants!!! Love hosting it’s a cinch with you — all of your cinch projects are fabulous!!! : )

  3. says

    Hi LInda- thanks for joining our blog! Your pots are adorable..and I love Drop Cloth Designs! I have had a great time bleaching drop cloths for curtains, and I reupholstered a sofa in gray drop cloths! Love your pillows.
    Have a great week.

  4. says

    Oh, I’ve got one that’s even easier! I came back from a week away to find that Cane had built two planters for our front steps. Just need to get a Cane and go on vacation! :-) Love love love a man who makes things when he’s bored. (Oh, and my black thumb and yours might be twins separated at birth…)

  5. says

    Such cute star markers. I might have to try some out with a few of my succulents. (You know how I love them–though mine too have developed a creepy tentacle. What’s up with that??)

    Have a great one!

  6. says

    too too cute! and a fun post to read too! Succulents aren’t my favorite plants but I just bought myself some hen and chicks because of what they say….indestructible. :) hmmmm….we shall see! Happy Monday.

  7. says

    Your little pots are adorable . . . and succulents are pretty hard to kill. Good luck, LOL. I can grow things outside, but I have never had any luck with house plants. So, many, many years ago I just gave up on having plants in the house. Outside my thumb is green, inside it is black.
    Have a great day. Connie :)

  8. says

    These are so cute! My plants to better outside than in.I don’t know why.But if they are indoors they usually don’t last long.

  9. says

    I love your writing! I could tell the same story (except my plants died in plain pots) and it would be boring. Maybe they’re tone deaf plants and need to be sung to???? A little water won’t hurt, but just a little. I was told I over watered. Lighting is a biggie, too. Can’t grow anything in this house. Janet

  10. says

    Hey! Those plants look pretty darned good! I think that they know that they’re special…and they’re LIVING up to the status! Well done! You know, my lawn is turning a little green…and the weeds are up to my eyes now…I’m afraid that they’re gonna knock on the door soon…asking for food. xo

  11. says

    Hi Linda: You are a fun writer to read, and I love your chalkboard star project. You chose wisely with succulents–they are pretty tough. You could water them a little bit each day or every other day, and use some fertilizer (I like Miracle Gro) every two weeks, and they should do just fine in the containers. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a nice comment–I appreciate it very much!

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