Hydrangea Wreath for Fall

Hydrangea Wreath for Fall: Quick & Easy Wreath for Fall

I'm nothing if not predictable. A creature of habit.   But I can't help it, I'm a Cancer.   That's what I've always attributed my my creature of habit tendencies too ... but I fear I may be mistaken.   In the course of writing this post, I decided to look up Cancer … [Continue reading...]

Decorating The Dining Room Chairs

Decorating the Back of Dining Room Chair for Fall

When I started this blog I had a dream. And it went a little something like this ...   I would spend the first year fixing up the house. On a budget. Repurposing what we had, with no big ticket purchases. And at the end of that first year, I would have a perfectly appointed home ready to … [Continue reading...]

Butcher Blocks & Dreams of Grandeur

How To Protect Butcher Block with Bee's Oil Wax

Once upon a time, I worked on Michigan Avenue.   In the heart of the Magnificent Mile.   And it was magical. Every day I went to work surrounded by Gucci. And Cartier. And Saks Fifth Avenue. And Louis Vitton.  And Bloomies. And ...   my most favorite of all … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips


Today it's all about inspiration. Photo Sources (left to right, top to bottom): How To Nest for Less on Instagram | The Gathered Home on Instagram | 4 Men 1 Lady Blog on Instagram | Primitive & Proper on Istagram | Primitive & Proper on Instagram | Designer Trapped in A Lawyer's Body … [Continue reading...]

Button Monogram Pillow

Button Monogram Letter Pillow

When I married 20 years ago, I made a major jump in the alphabet. From a Z to a B. I figured my children would get to line up near the front and wouldn't find their desks in the nosebleed section of the classroom.   Though, to be honest, I really did cherish that Z. It felt different. So … [Continue reading...]

Fall in The Dining Room

Navy & Brown Dining Room Decor for Fall

This fall, our morning routine has undergone a major overhaul.   Mike and Sam no longer race to get into the shower first. Sure we have two bathrooms, but there was always the fight for water pressure. Now Mike has all the pressure, and Sam gets to use the communal bathroom at … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

Industrial Work Space

Happy Saturday! Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm planning to chillax. Maybe take in a movie. I'm also toying with tackling the mess in the basement. My industrial style work space isn't looking quite as pristine and organized as it did when I shared it last year ... There was a tragic … [Continue reading...]

My Pinterest Fail: Jute Pumpkins

Pinterest Fail jute pumpkin

I was really excited about this project.   I couldn't wait to get started. But before I got started, I conducted extensive research using various techniques.   Should I add water to the glue mixture?   Should I wrap the balloon in Saran wrap first?   What … [Continue reading...]

Envelope Pillow Cover How To

How To Make An Envelope Pillow

Yesterday I was making envelope pillow covers and watching the Pope. It wasn't a conscious choice (the Pope-watching, that is). More like I had no choice because most networks were covering the event live. So when I tuned into Good Morning America - like I do each and every morning - the show was … [Continue reading...]