Inspired by … Spring

mason jar vase

I am under no illusion that Spring will arrive anytime soon in Chicago. Not when the wind chills are clocking in at below zero as I type this …   In fact, Spring in Chicago is an oxymoron. It’s a fleeting event. Arriving in bits and spurts. A warm day here. A sunny week there. … [Continue reading...]

Dreaming Of A Master Bath Remodel …

gold master bathroom

Product Source: Decor Planet   There are spaces in my home that will never make an appearance on this blog.   The basement, for one. Well, the ‘old’ basement area. And the laundry cave in the ‘old’ basement. It’s a space in our 120-year-old home that truly shows its … [Continue reading...]

So I Married A Creative ______________


My better half is taking over the blog today to dish on me and my never-ending DIY/crafting/mason jars projects …  1.  What is your favorite project Linda has done, and why? I was really impressed with all the board ‘n’ batten she’s done in the front hall, the ‘powder room’ and the dining room … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

american flag mason jars red white blue

It’s the weekend. And I should be excited. I should be winding down. Relaxing. I should be snuggled on the couch with my fuzzy sweater and fuzzy slippers absorbed in a good book …   But there’s no rest for the weary.   This weekend brings with it a lengthy list of to do’s:   1. There are 80 mason … [Continue reading...]

Paint Your Sink

can i paint my sink

Remember when I shared my struggles keeping up with my to do list last week?   Well, it's happened again. In fact, it has snowballed out of control ...   gaining speed and strength as it careens down the hill. Turning into an avalanche of half-finished projects and a mounting stack of … [Continue reading...]

The Bar Cart

bar cart

I’m dreaming of Spring.   And not just because there’s a foot-and-a-half or more of snow on the ground.   And not just because the weather forecast for the coming week is grim. And cold.   And not just because catchers and pitchers are reporting to Spring training … [Continue reading...]

White Painted Armoire

chalk paint white armoire

Turns out I’m not a multi-tasker.   I’m a mono-tasker.   I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to realize … and admit .. this truth. A truth that’s been dangling in front of my eyes for years now.   Perhaps because the idea of multi-tasking had taken such a … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

st patrick's day craft ideas

Oddly nice.   That’s the response I received on my Mason Jar Crafts Love Facebook fan page when I posted these shamrock jars.   Exactly what I hoped for. ;) Oh well. To each his own. Luckily others have responded more favorably. I’ve sold one of each set on Etsy (here and … [Continue reading...]

Weight Watchers Breakfast

blueberry danish

Yesterday was one of those days where what I wanted to do and what I needed to do were at odds …   and at the end of the day, very little was accomplished.   Sigh.   Now I have even more projects on my ‘tomorrow’ list. Which is today. Which means I’m a very busy girl … [Continue reading...]