confessions of a diyer turned blogger

This blog has not only taken over my life …

DIY Confessions 5 (550x413) (2)
… it’s taken over our house!

And here I go broadcasting my dirty laundry again.

At every turn there are notebooks and scraps of paper with blog post and decorating ideas and link party reminders …

DIY Confessions 4 (550x413) (2)

… and now I can’t leave the house without this ….

DIY Confessions (550x413) (2)

… my notebook filled with ideas and scrawled posts earmarked with brightly colored post-its.  You can find me idling in the car waiting to pick up my daughter from guitar or volleyball — or in the corner of the orthodontist’s office at my son’s appointment — scribbling away like a mad woman. 

I’m like an old school Blackberry or iphone addict: Instead of hunting and pecking at a teeny tiny keyboard, I’m rapidly writing away with pen on paper.

Supplies for projects and my future etsy store are collecting in nooks and crannies …

DIY Confessions 3 (550x413) (2)

… and spilling out into our living spaces …

DIY Confessions 2 (550x413) (2)
… and some leftover lumber that I can’t seem to part with has taken up residence in our dining room …

DIY Confessions 6 (550x413) (2)
… and this is a disturbing new development …

DSCN3340 (550x413)
… my laptop is now littered with pesky post-it notes.

We may need to move to a bigger house.

And to think I was worried about coming up with blog post ideas.

Now I need to come with a design idea for how I can creatively carve out an office/craft space/storage area in our little 2,000 square foot home …

Where is that post-it-noted notebook?


  1. I use the post-it notes on my computer at work. It’s pretty handy! I think they would be great for keeping ideas and to-do’s together at home as well.

    I have a binder with a notebook and folder in it for my blog but I haven’t used it yet. For some reason I continue to carry around a smaller notepad I purchased prior to the whole blogging thing.

  2. yes, it does take over! I always have my camera with me now…friends and family know that anything is fair game for a possible blog post…

  3. Wendy, thanks for the Sticky Notes tip. I’m going to have to try it out. And Amy, too true about the camera — I also make sure I have an extra supply of batteries with me as well! Linda

  4. That’s why I don’t have a blog! It’s bad enough that I read so many of them :)

  5. Start with a shelf. Instead of spreading out, go up! Tell hubby this is essential for your sanity. ;} Hide the lumber behind the couch, use corner shelves and pretty baskets (you can sell them later). Above all else…enjoy the journey!

  6. When it comes to blogging inspiration it can come to you in the strangest of places and the majority of the time a blog post will come to you when you are away from your computer.

  7. I use {free} to store/file/write. It can be loaded onto your computer, then accessed from the web or a smart phone app. Great place to keep ideas!

    I’m so enjoying all the eye candy you post!!

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