Flip Flop DIY


Once upon a time I had a bit of a shoe thing. Some might call it a fetish. Others an obsession.


Me? I called it options …

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At the bottom of my closet sprawled a selection of pumps and wedges, boots and ballet flats, sandals and peep toe shoes. Nowhere as extensive as the very real Imelda Marcos. Nor as expensive as the fictional Carrie Bradshaw …


even back then my frugal side took over. I couldn’t bring myself to justify spending much on a fleeting fashion trend.


And then I had kids. And quit my job to stay at home with said kids. And my shoe thing dried up.


Oh sure, I still have many of those pumps and wedges and strappy sandals and boots in my closet. Tucked away in boxes. I even spend time visiting with them from time to time, trying them on with my yoga pants and hoodies. But walking the kids to school in patent leather peep toe pumps seems a bit over the top.


Now my shoe wardrobe consists of two styles of shoes. Uggs in the winter. And flip flops in the summer.


That’s it.


Sad, right? So I decided to try and make my summer flip flop wardrobe a bit less sad …


by creating a few fashionable ‘options.’ On the cheap, of course, using a single pair of flip flops from Target …


flip-flop-diy 4-2


They’re actually fine on their own. Comfortable too. And the wedge gives me some much needed height. I can even overlook the fact that my son calls them  “frankenflops” …


The offer a nice blank canvas for my materials, including adhesive heat-activated Velcro, ribbons, and pins …


flip-flop-diy 6


I started by cutting a Velcro strip to fit on the flip flop strap …

flip-flop-diy how to 3

Use an iron to secure by applying heat to the back of the strap. And, yes, this can get a bit tricky. Just be careful not to melt the plastic. It will ruin your iron.


Then I cut straps out of ribbon and affixed Velcro to the backs. Using the iron to secure (apply heat to the ribbon side, not the Velcro side).

flip-flop-diy 5

I also glued and/or sewed pins to the bows embellishments.


And now for the fun – and fashion – part. Mixing and matching straps and bows …

flip-flop-diy 2-2 2


flip-flop-diy 2-3 2


flip-flop-diy-8 2


flip-flop-diy-4 2


flip-flop-diy-switch-flop 3


flip-flop-diy switch flop


And now I’m wondering what kind of diy I can do to my winter Uggs to give them more fashionable options …


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  1. says

    Yep. I had a shoe phase as well. No longer. I’m too cheap to buy shoes that I never wear. These are cute. I’ve seen these for sale and they aren’t cheap. Thus I didn’t buy any. Didn’t think through the whole DIY option. Nice job!

  2. Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me says

    These came out great!(the project reminds me of why I used to have a crafting only iron and a regular use one). I am afraid I would lose that “just throw on a pair of flip flops” ability if I went down this path though…FUN!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Nothing like making your flip flops earn their keep. Great way to get lot of mileage out of one pair. You did great job of dressing that pair up. Glad you shared this idea, great post. Do you wear these flop flops a lot? Enjoy them.
    I can’t wear that kind, I literally fall off them, so graceful. Mostly I have to wear sneakers to help my stupid fat swollen foot from swelling even more, especially in summer heat. I have lymphedema in left leg, foot so wearing cute flip flops isn’t much of an option anymore. I miss wearing cute shoes. Can remember having shoes to match all my outfits in high school, and of course purses. That was in 50’s when it was cool to have matching shoes/purses.

  4. says

    I was just in my closet yesterday staring longingly at my former life shoe collection. But like you, I’m now a flip flops (and dare I say it, Crocs!) girl.

    I live in one pair all summer, but your Frankenflops have me thinking I may need to do a little shoe shopping the next time I’m in Target. Just tell me one thing, though, am I going to burn my house down trying to iron on that velcro to those flip flops?

    • says

      Don’t worry – you won’t burn the house down! Just heat from the back side. And you don’t need much. Just be careful of your fingers!!! :)


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