you painted what?


I painted the bathroom sink.

No. Really. I did.


Sounds a bit crazy, right?  But when you’ve looked at this ugly day in and day out …


Bathroom Sink Before

for 17+ years …

… inthe most visited room in our house

… I figured I couldn’t possibly make things worse.

Plus with the white painted board and batten moulding planned for this space, that beige cheap faux-marble-look fiber glass sink was going to stand out …

… and not in a good way.

Instead of ooh’ing and aah’in over my  moulding and balloon shade and hooks and numbers …

Powder Room Makeover After Numbered Hooks_thumb

… and new faucet (that ‘our sponsor’ installed for me all by himself with nary a curse uttered) …

Powder Room Makeover After Faucet_thumb

…  and the moulding I added around the mirror slab  …

… all anyone would take away is that ugly old sink.

They wouldn’t be talking about my moulding, numbers, hooks, balloon shade, faucet, or mirror …

Powder Room Makeover After Hanging Basket_thumb[2]

… instead they would be whispering behind my back about “why in the world didn’t she replace that ugly old beige faux-marble-look fiber glass sink.”

Bathroom Sink Before

So I really had no choice but to paint it …

… and how did I do it you ask?  How did I successfully paint over the ugly?

Here’s how …

1.  I purchased this product from a home improvement store for $36.00


2. Then I watched this YouTube video (they use a different product but the steps are the same)

3. I followed the box and YouTube instructions to a tee … with extra special attention paid to surface prep.  Apparently if you fail to prep properly you will end up with an epic fail …

And presto chango, I ended up with this …

Powder Room Sink After 3

Believe me, it’s a far cry from perfect …


There are some brush strokes visible …

Powder Room Makeover After Sink & Mirror

… and I didn’t tape off the drain perfectly.

But I’m A. O. K. with that.

I’m going with it adds a bit of old world charm …

Powder Room Makeover After Faucet

… you know, because in the olden days porcelain wasn’t perfectly smooth.

And I just totally made that up.


The full bathroom remodel can be found by clicking here ….

Oh, and the sink has been holding up well.  Here’s how it looks close to two years later …


paint bathroom sink tub tile


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  1. it looks great!!! i would be interested to her how it holds up- we have the ugliest sink EVER upstairs. ever.

  2. LOL…. I’m glad you clarified or a new wives tail would have been born…. “YOU know Margaret, back in the day porcelain wasn’t perfectly smooth”. I so would of believed you!


  3. Oh, so much better! It freshens up the space and totally allows for your other projects to shine! :)

  4. Wow, I would never have even thought that was possible but it is amazing! The whole room is wonderful!

  5. Already looking better! Paint can do sooooo much to brighten our lives!! Great restyle!

  6. Would never have thought of that! I’m going with your story too – porcelain wasn’t perfectly smooth back in the day – haven’t you heard?!

  7. Never knew you could paint porcelain!
    And, yep, I completely believed you about back in the day ;)
    ~ Dana

  8. Wow, personally I think its perfect. You have done a wonderful job and imperfections always add to the charm. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  9. Love the new sink color. I think it was the right choice, you might have noticed the brushstrokes if it were a bold color, but that blends right in and you hopefully won’t tire of it. Do you think white will become as passe as bisque in 20 years?

  10. I love it when posts inspire me AND make me laugh out loud. Your house is gorgeous! Looks absolutely perfect to me.

  11. Who knew you could do such a thing?? Very cool!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Looks so much better!! I need to tell this to my hubby, we need to pain it too!!!!!

  14. Beautiful work.

    Regards and best wishes

  15. I would have never thought that paint would be an option. I’d love to hear how it holds up because there’s a blue(!) sink in my bathroom that really needs to not be blue. Thanks for sharing.

  16. hahahah, all you have to do is ask 85 year old Lou what porcelain was like back in the day! I’ve been thinking of doing this on a peach tub we have in a rental property…glad to hear you’re happy with it! It looks great.

  17. It looks great! and it has a certain brush stroke patina :) I love the whole bathroom!

  18. Wow, who would have thought? It looks great! Be sure to let us know how it holds up. ;)

  19. Wow! I would never have guessed you could do that! Amazing idea. Now I’m thinking of painting MY bathroom sinks! thanks :)

  20. Well… I’m speechless! Didn’t know someone could paint the sink! You make me wondering now…. LOL!

  21. Hi, I am a new follower, GRC and Linky. I just finished checking out several posts about your powder room redo. They were very informative and I enjoyed your humor.
    I did my bathroom mirror the same way, even using the Loctite power grab. Boy that stuff stays put so you had better know it is where you want it. I saw a post using liquid nails. They had mops, brooms and all sorts of things propped on the mirror trying to hold it in place. That’s why I chose the power grab.
    Your bath looks really nice, I like the board and batten.

  22. Wow! That is amazing! I never even knew you could paint sinks like that. I love how you made that up about porcelain. Ha! Thanks for linking up with us at #findingthefunny!

  23. Interesting! I would love to know how it holds up eventually! It looks great!

  24. Oh my goodness it looks amazing! I’m so glad I found your blog!
    I love your blog name! SO cute! :)
    I’m your newest follower! :)

  25. Wow that looks great! I have ugly avocado green tile in my bathroom. Thinking I may need to try this stuff.

  26. Hi – I’ve been debating about this same thing after painting our bathroom! Glad I found you and I’ll be following :)

  27. Found you on Whipperberry. This is AWESOME and your bathroom is adorable.


  28. Great idea! We have a master tub jacuzzi…It’s off white, the sink is off white, the toilet is off white! AHHHH! I would love to paint them all. Well, I guess the toilet is pushing it! Hmmmm?


  29. That turned out great!!

  30. that looks really great!…saw you on Addicting to Decorating!

  31. Love the look. Been thinking about painting bathroom tiles. Keep us posted on how it holds up:)

  32. What a great idea, I would never have thought of that. Thank you for sharing… Now I can’t wait to try to paint my old sink : )

  33. SO. How is the sink holding up??? It’s been about a month or so, right? I REALLY need to know!


    And did I mention that I think you are swell? I was thinking it.


  34. wow, that looks awesome! who knew???
    next time i need something…anything painted…i am calling you! ;)

  35. OMG!!! I think I have officially seen it all…..I can stop blogging now. :) I totally would do this btw….totally paint my sink. And now I wish I had an old sink to paint cuz this is the coolest project evah!! Love how it turned out and yes, back in ye olde times, sinks were always, ALWAYS rough in appearance……;)

    Love it!

  36. Anonymous says:

    To Jessica @ Stay at Home-Ista:

    Yes, white will most likely be passe in much less than 20 years, but style is cyclical…maybe even bisque will be back in style in a few years (it will just have a new name). Today’s popular retro style was once the 1950s…1960s…1970s…new style. To everything…turn, turn, turn….

  37. I need to do this so badly here but what about the paint fumes? Are they bad?

  38. You’re my kinda girl! Ok, I loved your painted jars, but painted sink, love! I painted a love seat that I felt couldn’t be any worse, so what the heck, let’s do it. Your sink looks great! How’s it holding up? Thanks for dropping in on my No Sew Window Valances. I’m a fan of your blog!!

  39. I have been wanting to try this! It looks great!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Gosh…that doesn’t even look like the same sink ;)

  41. Ive read reviews of doing this to sinks and tubs.. some said it chips after a while of use. Has this happened to you?

  42. Hi Linda,

    This one is a superb cool creative idea. I would like to try this on my sink.

  43. iplayoutsidethebox says:

    I wish I could get that youtube video link to work…I’d love to see the process. Your sink look marvelous!

  44. Whoa! Who knew that was possible? You did! That’s who. Amazeballs!

  45. Wow! I am stunned.. I had no idea you could do that. No more excuses for ugly sinks now and I’ve sure seen a lot of them in my house hunt.

  46. love your Longaberger baskets!

  47. Ooo, thanks for test driving this for me, Linda! I’ve had my eye on doing that in our power room, too! Looks pretty darn good to me. :)
    xo Heidi

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