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Have you ever found that perfect color, but can’t find a fabric to match? Or, on the flip side, found the perfect fabric pattern … a pattern that sings to youa pattern that inspires you  … a life-changing pattern …  but you can’t find it in the color you so desperately desire?


Uh huh. Me too.


Probably one of the most frustrating experiences of all time. The hours wasted futilely searching online. The miles put on your car as you drive store to store searching in vain. The lost man hours that could have been spent on much more productive endeavors.


Resourceful bloggers haven’t let these issues get in their way. Oh no. They won’t be stopped by these pesky limitations. They’ve taken matters into their own hands.


With a brush …


and paint.


I’ve pulled together 15 creative fabric painting ideas (links above) to prove you don’t have to be limited to what’s online and in stores. If you can’t find the color or pattern you want, then just Paint It!

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  1. kleinworthco says

    I love it!!!! I totally agree – when I can’t find what I want, I usually just figure out a way to make it – even if it comes to painting fabric. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  2. says

    Painting fabric is great idea, why not? I’d do more but have a “doubting Thomas” in our house. We only have 2 stores in Grand Junction that have fabric and we live few miles from there. When I get an urge to do something don’t want to have to go to town.
    We have a nice club chair, but upholstery is pink/blue plaid, chair was a Habitat bargain. I have a slip cover but since we painted l/r it doesn’t go in there anymore. Thinking I could paint chair, hmmm, what color? Would love to make it an apple green or aqua. Should I use fabric medium in paint? Will have to contemplate on that before I undertake that kind of project. Was thinking of making a slip cover out of paint cloth or just staple pieces of cloth onto chair.
    Love all the pillows, everything done painting on cloth, great post. Awesome. Happy week

    • says

      i’m torn between the paint idea and the drop cloth slipcover idea … I am a fan of making things out of drop cloth, after all! I’ve also resorted to buying fabric online. Even though I’m in Chicago, our choices are limited here too! Good luck with that club chair and let me know how it turns out!

      :) Linda

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