i am listless


That.  Up there.  Scrawled on the kitchen chalkboard door I made here.

That is not a list.  It’s a bunch of reminders.  Financial obligations.  Save the dates.  It’s not a proper list.


A list of “to do’s” …

… now that would be a proper list. 

Much like this list-making blogger, I need a list – a proper list – to propel me forward.  A list of tasks that can be crossed off when completed.

Because without that list, nothing gets done.


And that list needs to sit atop my shiny white countertops and taunt me.  And that list needs to be spelled out on my kitchen chalkboard door and guilt me each day when things are not crossed out – or, better yet, swiped away with the swipe of the eraser.


And on that taunting, guilt-inducting list there will be one or two “to do’s” that will linger.  The list lingerers, I call them …

They could be the tasks I dread.  Or perhaps it’s something difficult.  Or time consuming.  Or not enjoyable.  Or involves decision-making and I’m not quite ready to make those decisions …

… and those list lingerers often find themselves being transferred to new lists.  And sometimes they can be transferred multiple times …

… week after week …
… month after month …

And do you want to know the list lingerers that have been transferred over and over again since the end of January? 

  • Hang Bead Board Wallpaper in Master
  • Repair & Paint Dresser for Master

And now I have no choice but to put those two tasks at the top of the list.  Because if I don’t get moving forward on the master bedroom?  Then I’ll not only be listless …


… I’ll be blog post topic-less.

And you, dear reader, will be subjected to even more posts where I apologize to various inanimate objects in our home.

The dining room table is up next …


  1. Ha! Welcome to my world.I’m with ya on this one. I did enjoy your post where you apologized to inanimate objects though!

  2. Hahaha!! I am cracking up! I totally don’t even take the time to write lists but I bet they would help me not be so all over the place during the day :)

  3. now that’s funny!!

  4. I have lists coming out my ears, I’ll send ya one or two and then you won’t feel bad anymore… unless of course you don’t feel bad and then you’ll just laugh at all the projects I keep adding to my own lists until I think I’m going to go crazy. Except I’m already crazy, and loving every minute of my list-building, project mania!!


  5. Ugh, lists! I think I need someone following me around reminding me of all the things I need to do – I’ll just ask, “what’s on the list for today?” and an immediate response will come forth!

    That way, I wouldn’t lose all those little slips of paper where I jot down my never ending projects and to-do’s.

    Now, get cracking on that bedroom – that’s the last place a gal wants to be list-less (just ask Mike)!

  6. yay! i am famous! i am up on your door! :) love it!!! i need a big chalkboard wall when we redo our kitchen. or door. or something.

  7. My list seems to be never ending and I wonder why I am tired! Love the door with chalk board! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I love your chalkboard door. I have so many lists it’s not even funny… too many things to do and too little time… :-)

  9. YES! That is exactly right. Without the list I don’t move forward with anything, I wander aimlessly in circles wondering what I should be doing. The crossing off part is the reward…the list lingerers are those things that drive me to drink. ;) Thanks so much for the shout out.

  10. cute post, linda! love your door! i make lists, but, can never find them…

  11. I’m a list girl too! Nothing gets done (well quickly, anyway!) without one. I think your chalkboard door is a cool idea (although, as a teacher, I would have to say it has it’s dusty moments I would bet!).
    Hope your motivation kicks in and you make speedy progress!

  12. I have to have my list staring at me in the kitchen too, or else nothing on that list would ever get done. Love the chalkboard door and will look forward to the next item on your list!

  13. I have a giant magnetic marker board on the wall in the mudroom. If it’s not on there, it doesn’t happen. I am blaming “middle age” for the necessity of list making and creativity for the fact that it nees to be “cute”.

    If you feel the need to apologize to your dining room table, go ahead, I think that I’m okay on that. However, if you decide to do one on the garage, or why you’re sorry to your car for the fact that it needs to spend nights in the driveway (I’m telling mine to think of it as “Summer Camp”), please phone in advance as I’d like to be able to leave town before the post hits. xo

  14. I’m with you. The two things I thought I’d do first when I started the blog I haven’t even thought about for months! I’m a huge fan of lists, I use them for everything, and it’s so rewarding to cross things off.


  15. love your play on words, oh, listless one.

    i’m the same way, without lists…it never gets done.

    maybe printing our homegoals and other bloggy posts with these lists would be grand idea.

    :) have a lovely week linda

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