brilliant mason jar ideas …


Click on the picture to be taken to the clip board


Turns out I’m brilliant.


Who knew?


Certainly not me.


I’ll own up to smart …


concede to inventive …


humbly accept creative …


But brilliant?


Yeah, that one eludes me.


You see, the folks at Hometalk asked me to collect my favorite mason jar projects on a clip board.


And I thought sure.  Sure, I can do that.


And then they said they’d create a graphic for that clip board and asked if I’d share it on my blog.


And I thought sure.  Sure, I can do that.


And then they sent me the graphic (the one up above) and it’s labeled “brilliant” …


and since the clip board incudes my projects too …


you can see where I’m going with this,right …


I can only infer that I must be brilliant too.




And, contrary to popular belief, I’m not the only one whipping up brilliant mason jar projects.  There are many others  making amazing mason jar crafts. Which is why you need to leave here right now ~ and click here ~ to check out those 40+ brilliant mason jar projects …


… technically, the board has 41 ideas. Winking smile


But I’ll keep adding more …


P.S.  If you’re not familiar with Hometalk can I suggest you become familiar with them.  Pronto.  It’s a cool resource.  You can post pictures of your projects.  You can ask questions.  You can create clip boards to save inspirational rooms and projects and ideas.  You don’t have to have a blog to participate …


… oh, and you can find me on Hometalk here




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  1. says

    You are brilliant! Wear that title proudly. :) What a fun opportunity. I haven’t heard of Hometalk, but just signed up. Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    Ooooh.. I’m in the clipboard, too! I’m honoured! And don’t ever doubt your brilliance, lady. It shines right out of you!

    (I owe you a big long email – as soon as this crazy hectic weekend is over, it will be coming your way)

    You will forever be the Mason Jar Queen! :)

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