Mercury Glass Mason Jars

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I fear I may be a little bit obsessive …


just a little bit.  A teeny tiny little bit.


You see, I came across this tutorial at Landeelu for mercury glass look mason jars.  I even featured the project on my mason jar blog.


But I couldn’t let it go.  Couldn’t shake it.  Those mercury glass mason jars took hold.  Took over. Haunting me.  Calling out to me …


make me … make me.


And all I could think about was making a set of my own.  And I did.  Using silver metallic spray paint.  And I shared that project on my mason jar blog here …


But that wasn’t enough.  I couldn’t let it go.  You see, the original tutorial used “Looking Glass” spray paint …


I used silver metallic spray paint.


And the mercury glass mason jar haunting continued …




So, naturally, I had to make another set.  This time using the Looking Glass spray paint …


mercury-glass-mason-jar-diy-3 1


and that decision made perfect sense, right?  It was completely logical.


mercury-glass-mason-jar-diy 1

Not overly obsessive behavior at all …


just a little bit obsessive.  The teeniest tiniest little bit obsessive.   Smile


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  1. heather says

    I am starting this project this week and I know the paint says it is best if you spray inside the jar but that is going to be ridiculously difficult. Did you spray the inside or the outside when you used looking glass paint? Also how many coats did it take you to get that look? Thanks in advance!


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