my head is in the clouds …

… filled with amazing pillow inspiration from the Pillowpalooza #2 link party last week.

 * * * inspiration that will be turned into new pillow designs to sell at my Etsy * * *

Oh … wait.

All you bloggers and Etsy shop owners who linked up thought I was selflessly opening up my blog so you could share your talent, and tutorials (thanks for that), and your wares for sale?

You had no idea that I had ulterior motives?

An evil diabolical plan in place?

An evil diabolical plan that has me trying to figure out how to re-create this numbered pillow shared by Kari at Thistlewood Farms  …

number pillow

… as a new Etsy offering.  I seriously need to practice my zig-zag top stitch technique.

An evil diabolical plan that has me thinking I should offer up seasonal offerings like Maggie at Midwestern Sewing Girl  …

… and Ann at Sutton Place Designs

American United States Flag pillow cover 12 x 16 Reversible Vintage grain sack zipper closure

I think I see a “boo” pillow in my Etsy’s future …

An evil diabolical plan that tells me Doreen, owner of the Hymns & Verses Etsy shop, is an even more evil genius than I …

Come Sail Away - Nautical Pillow Cover Set with Rope Detail

I can see “Sail” working on it’s own, but the other two?  Yeah.  It’s a package set.  Hmmm … I see some package set verse pillows in the future …

An evil diabolical plan that has me wondering if I should introduce a fabric painted line to emulate these great pillows from Kimberly at Serendipity Refined

… and an embellished with felt line like this inspiration from Sarah at The Winthrop Chronicles

… and Meegan at What Meegan Makes

And one of my favorite finds at my evil-diabolical-plan-to-recreate-and-sell-your-amazingly-inspirational-pillow-creations-at-my-Etsy Pillowpalooza link party?

French Grain Sack Look 12 x 16 Pillow Cover Beige and Blue

This idea to make me very own drop cloth designs co. pillow tags …

Thank you my blogger friend Stacey at Flickerwhips for sharing your made-me-thwack-myself-in-the-forehead-and-mutter-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? pure genius …

And on a serious note, I’d like to share a larger-than-life thanks to everyone who linked up to Pillowpalooza.  Your creativity is inspirational …

… and not just in the evil diabolical plan kind of way …

P.S.  Here’s my attempt at a feature button … grab the code if you feel so inclined.

it all started with paint


  1. wow~ What great pillows! I love them and am off to visit a couple of these gals. There is some amazing talent out in blog land- xo Diana

  2. Great, great pillow inspirations…now i wonder if I can make any of those with stitch witchery and a glue gun!!….so many gorgeous pillows!!

  3. I very much enjoy these pillow linky’s!! The creativity never ceases to amaze me, so much talent out there! Thanks for the shout-out i may have to do a blog post on making tags now!! Why didn’t i think of that earlier….~thunk~!

  4. Love the silhouettes and the tags would be the perfect finishing touch to your fabulous pillows!

  5. Great features there!

    I loved the party and, per usual, am stunned at all the amazing talent in Blogland.

  6. What pretty pillows.Truly an inspiration for me.Oh how I wish I could sew.You are all so talented!

  7. I think you need a pillow that says “Evil Diabolical Plan”. I don’t recall ever seeing one of those.


  8. I loved them all! “Sew” much inspiration.

  9. Linda,

    Thanks for showing my pillows today! I really think you and karianne need to hit the road with a stand up act! I love reading your posts!

  10. That is a couchful of great pillow inspiration! I’ve got my sewing machine revved up and raring to go. Thanks for gathering up all these great ideas in one spot. I love “The Palooza”!

  11. Thanks for the feature…so appreciate it. I shared it on FB and Twitter. Maybe I’ll go over to Google+ and do the same!

  12. I see how you are… it’s a good thing I kept my store bought, totally cheesstatic flag pillow to myself. LOL! It’s still in the bag BTW, that is how far I am from getting a post up about it. Sorry I missed all the fun. Looks like there was plenty without me!

  13. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for featuring my botanical pillow! I am honored to be among so many talented people!
    Linda, you ROCK!!
    Have a beautiful 4th with family and friends!

  14. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for featuring my botanical pillow! I am honored to be among so many talented people!
    Linda, you ROCK!!
    Have a beautiful 4th with family and friends!

  15. Beautiful features! I’ll take one of each, please.

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