o christmas tree, o christmas tree . . .

… why are your branches leaning?

Xmas Tree Matte B (550x413)-1
Every year it seems like our Christmas tree tilts.  Either our house is crooked … or Mike and the kids – who are in charge of picking out the tree — just can’t see straight.

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.  In the end it looks pretty.  Even if this year it has an extra Dr. Seuss-esq curve at the top.

xmas tree matte seuss 2 (550x413)-1
We don’t do a different ‘theme tree’ each year.  A theme that involves red bows and baby’s breath as snow was set many years ago …

xmas tree matte closeup (550x413)-1
… by none other than me.  I shamelessly copied it from my sister.  If figured with her in Jersey and me in Chicago … and 1,000+ miles between us … no one would be the wiser.

xmas tree matte bows (550x413)-1
At this point in time, if I tried to implement a new theme I’m pretty sure the kids would stage and uprising.  Last year’s replacement of gold balls with white and green resulted in an earful of questions and opinions and complaints.

xmas tree matte more (550x413)-1
Yeah, change doesn’t go over big in this house … which is why many of the changes that happen around here take place under the stealth of the school/work day.

The kids did most of the heavy lifting getting the ornaments up, especially now that (1) they are tall enough to reach the top and (2) they understand — with a few prompts from mom — that ornaments should be evenly distributed.  Mike accompanied us as laptop dj playing his … I mean our … favorite holiday tunes.

Xmas Tree Matte (550x413)-1
I mostly dug out and separated the kids’ ornaments.  Long ago I decided to give them an ornament in their stocking each year.  I figured when they venture out on their own they’ll have an arsenal of ornaments to start off with …

xmas tree matte mollys (550x413)-1
That’s Molly’s favorite ornament

Chances are my daughter will leave without them, wanting to start her own traditions.  And my son will probably spend quite a few years decorating a water-starved fern with a string of lights tossed on top and beer cap garland …

Xmas Tree Matte more (550x413)-2
Oh well, I tried.

When the kids are done, I swoop in with baby’s breath and bows …

xmas tree matte tree and mantel (550x413)-2
… and speaking of baby’s breath, I was forced to use it sparingly this year.  Hunting it down has become quite the challenge.  The Jewel gave up a few sprigs, but guarded the rest like it was liquid gold.  And the local florist is too high brow for such pedestrian flora …

xmas tree matte archway (550x413)-1
This whole baby’s breath situation may force me to come up with a new theme next year.  I should probably start prepping the family now …

Be sure to stop back tomorrow when I’ll share a full holiday house tour.

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  1. says

    What a good idea to give your kids their own ornies! Here’s my thought on changing tree colors for next year- get another tree! This advice coming from someone who has nine! LOL Either that or give them an ample heads up on the decor change. :-) Your tree looks wonderful, all prettified with cute red bows! I’m visiting f/ 5 Days/5ways.

  2. says

    Such a beautiful tree. And I love how you decorated the room, too. (Our tree always leans to the front because I put it against the wall and so most of the ornaments are on the front or sides.) Having two trees gives you the option of keeping your traditional family decor on one and decorating the other with whatever strikes your fancy each year. (It works out well for us.)

  3. Marie says

    I gave each of our 4 children an ornament for Christmas thinking along the same lines as you. They are now all adults and their ornaments still hang on our tree. You are right in your thinking about your daughter; she will want to start her own traditions. My boys don’t even bother with trees. My solution is that when they visit in December, each one hangs their ornaments. I have enough on the tree, so it doesn’t look bare; the kids ornaments enhance it. It was a wonderful tradition, and I encourage you to continue. I still have hope that one day their ornaments will hang on trees in their homes.

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