paper flowers

Time for yet another it all started with paint true confession.


I have fake plants.


In the house.


Fake flora and fake fauna alike.


Sitting in baskets. On tables. On radiator covers. On top of armoires and hutches.


And they’re dusty.




I’ve made a promise to myself to rid the house of fake foliage.


But that promise has yet to be fulfilled.  In fact, instead of ridding the house of faux foliage, I’ve actually added to it …


… in the form of a paper craft.  A paper flower craft, to be more specific.


I was inspired by the paper flowers in this room.  And the paper flowers in this room.


And after a quick Google image search, found a paper flower printable here …


So I traced three different sizes of paper flowers on poster board and cut them out while watching a Married to Jonas marathon.



… and can I just add that Dani’s family is the real New Jersey. Unlike those dopey housewives.  Or that embarrassing Jersey Shore cast …



After I cut out more paper flowers than I could ever possibly use – hey, that marathon lasted for hours — I spray painted both sides.


Once dry, I curled the ends of each spray-painted-paper-flower up a bit …




Then I took that broken promise to rid the house of fake plants to even greater heights …




… and stuck that faux paper flower fauna right on the wall.  Right on the wall of my blue-spray-painted-empty frames … in my remodeled entry.








I’m shameless.




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  1. says

    Really like your wall installation … these fake flowers say graphic, simple, modern art to me and have nothing in common with faux silk ivy and the such. This is a great step towards breaking your faux addiction :) I even think Umbra and others uses a very similar flower in some of their commercial designs.

  2. says

    Those are so cute! And they look great with your frames – love :) And hey, call it all faux an it’s all good right? No more of this guilt over fake stuff – what you have is faux and it’s cool 😉

  3. says

    I like those paper flowers. And BTW, fake flora and fake fauna just need to be taken outdoors and shaken vigorously, upside down if possible, and they look soooo much better. If that doesn’t cut it. there’s spray cleaner specifically for this in Michael’s and JoAnn’s. I’m shameless, what can I say. I love the color they can bring, but lack the lighting to grow things in this house; most rooms lack proper light.

  4. says

    Well these paper flowers are cooler than real fake flowers. I suggest a purge. Just go pick up all your fakes – except if you have any miniatures – those are kinda cute – then rip them out of their container and put them in a bag and throw them away. Or, hide them in the basement because you may be able to use them for something sometime but I doubt it. Just do it. I don’t think you will miss the plastic. I decided long ago that I enjoy my art much more than I enjoyed taking care of plants and I chose the art. I do have a couple of things that have to be brought in for the winter, and I kinda go crazy trying to find a spot for them.

  5. says

    Oh no! I’m feeling another copy cat project coming on! I love this idea and it would work perfectly on my stairway wall that I’ve been struggling with. You’ve done it again! Brilliant!


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