feeling blue: wall of empty frames

Why is it when I’m sitting home alone on a Saturday morning — as in the house is completely empty — does it feel so utterly and devastatingly lonely?


It’s not like I’m never home alone.  In fact, this is pretty much modus operandi Monday through Friday when the kids are at school and my husband is at work …


Yet on a weekend, it just feels wrong.


And lonely.


And left me feeling a bit blue.


On the weekends I’m used to being surrounded by family … and often times, more than just family.  Friends of the family too.  Twirling and cartwheeling and giggling …


… or yelling at the Xbox …


But this past Saturday everyone was gone.  The tween at a sleepover.  The teen at his high school’s open house.  The husband traveling on business …


And as I watched the last of my family walk out that door …




I stopped.


And I stared.


And I took a closer look at the wall that that door sits on.


And I realized in comparison to the rest of the entry, it was pretty bland.




And that’s when I decided to take out my Saturday afternoon blues on that boring, bland slab of white wall …




It cost me zero dollars.  That’s right.  Nada.  Nothing.




I simply gathered a bunch of frames from around the house and gave them a few coats of spray paint left over from this project …




The flowers are made of poster board (you can see how I made them here …)




I first laid out the frames on the floor.  And I made a newspaper template that I attached to the wall …




… and nailed the nails right through the newspaper.




And at the end of my sad and lonely Saturday, this wall of blue frames and flowers seriously cheered me up …





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  1. that is way too happy of a blue to make you feel blue. love it!

  2. Well, how cute is that? I thought at first you were going to say you painted THE DOOR! Love the bright pop of blue- it makes me feel like you are looking at HAPPY rather than blue! xo Diana

  3. that is so fun and bright! love it!

  4. Wow!! That would cheer me up too, I love it! :)

  5. I am inspired!! So cute!

  6. Very cute! no longer bland either…I’d say.

  7. No longer bland or boring – only blue! I hate it when my husband is out of town on the weekends. I do pretty good with the week days but weekends not so much. Looks like your creativity is sneaking back…

  8. That looks bright, colorful and cheery now.

  9. what a great way to add a punch of color !! Next time you are feeling lonely come on over!

  10. Love it!

  11. Love the pop of color the blue gives that space! Nothing like a cheerful door! :)

  12. Love this color!!

  13. How sweet! I love a free project!

  14. szinteriors says:

    Looks awesome, Linda, and you definitely got the best of the blues ;-)

  15. I know just what you mean about those kind of blues. Sometimes when the whirlwind is swirling all around me, all I want is some peace and quiet and time alone. But then when I get it, I miss everyone. This looks like a much healthier way of beating those blues than a carton of ice cream and a stupid movie. Not that I’ve ever done that…;-)

  16. Cool Linda – very cool! I love how you put a frame around the light switch!

  17. Well that would cheer you right up (: I’ts Ka-Ute!!!!!

  18. I wondered where this post was going…I love what you did with your wall. I would have never thought to frame the light switch! Good job.

  19. Fantastic wall Linda….love it!…and I love the way you framed out the light switch…rather than trying to disguise it, you enhanced it…I love that Idea!!!….

  20. Linda…this was such a fun project to read about. As winter approaches, I always feel a bit blue and you put a smile on my face. Bet your husband was surprised…NO…rewind that…I’m sure he was absolutely not surprised!

    Hope you are surviving and thriving in spite of the Hurricane Sandy!!

  21. this is my first visit here, the name of your blog caught my eye while I was visiting a friend we have in common, that blue is just amazing!!!I will enjoy following your adventures!

  22. What a pretty wall and I love how how inexpensive it was to do, can’t believe the flowers are made out of poster board!

  23. Love the fresh pop of bold color. I’m finally branching out into that direction, too.

  24. Those frames fill that wall really nicely! I love that color!

  25. That would sure brighten my day! Beeeeutiful!

  26. Very cool and creative! Love it!

  27. This is amazing! Love the colours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  28. Seriously love those posterboard flowers!

    ~ Dana

  29. LOVE what you did!!! nice happy color!

  30. I’d invite you over to take out some blues on my bland walls but you wouldn’t be alone. I’m never alone. I miss being alone. Maybe if I was alone my walls wouldn’t be bland?


  31. The color just makes me happy. What a beautiful design choice.

  32. I love it. The flowers are the perfect pop of whimsy and the blue the perfect bit of happy. And free is just always the best price ever!

  33. So pretty Linda! I love the blue!!! and you are one of my features this week :) Check it out tomorrow when the party post comes out.

    Happy Saturday!

  34. Linda this is such a cute project! Good for you for not heading to clean whatever and instead enjoy a Saturday making your home more beautiful.

  35. Such a fun look!

  36. Totally spectacular… and BOLD. Just the way I like it… :)

  37. so lovely! I LOVE that blue!

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