to go with the flow … or no?

Are you a go with the flow kind of person?


You know. When life gives you lemons do you make some lemonade?





When life throws you a curve ball do you fall apart?  Crumble at the seams? Or do you regroup … and make a new plan?  Set new goals?  Strengthen your character?


I’d like to think I was a low key flow ‘er’ type of person …


But the truth is, I like to plan.  I need to plan.  I live to plan.  And when a wrench is thrown in that plan … no matter the size the plan …


… no matter the size of the wrench …


… it throws me off my game.  It messes with my mojo.


So when I was greeted with the sight of my twisted and broken starburst mirror* first thing this morning, I should have realized right then and there my day would not be running according to my plan …


A plan that included early morning errands to pick up some herbs to plant in little pots for the screen porch …




… little potted herbs labeled with chalkboard stars.  And not just any old stars.  Rock star stars …


… I’m trying to boost their confidence in themselves … and me too.


Instead I found myself spending the morning – and into the early afternoon — at the emergency room getting my daughter’s ankle x-rayed (no bones broken; just a sprain).


A plan that included a trip to the grocery store for some fun and flirty flowers to complement the birch tree artwork my daughter and I made for the screen porch …





… and some flowers to adorn the table …





Well, that plan had to be waylaid until the teen son arrived home after school.


A plan that did not include my beloved city living up to it’s windy city moniker …




… which kept blowing my screen porch drapes and hanging drum shade lights to and fro.


A plan that included a mid-morning photo shoot and edit.  And putting this post to bed in the early afternoon …


But instead here I am in the wee hours of the night fixing exposure and saturation and sharpening and watermarking …










Good thing I don’t have any plans for tomorrow. Well, that’s not quite true.  I plan to park myself here …





… and read.


And I may even reminisce about what this porch looked like before …




… and after …



Let’s keep in touch … 


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  1. says

    We knocked down our dilapidated old screened in porch when we added our family room – had to because our town is a stickler on square footage.

    But seeing these pics makes me long for my very own porch that I could bling out to the max with fabulous, colorful pillows, numbered napkins, chalkboard adored pots, white breezy curtains …

    I’d be sipping a tall glass of lemonade (mine would have vodka in it) and relaxing there right now!

  2. says

    My porch envy goes up again!! That happens every time I see such beautiful ones like yours!!

    What a great space you created! I love the colors, the flowing curtains, that bench with oh! so many pretty pillows!

  3. says

    Sorry to hear about your thwarted plans! The end result is great though! I love, love, love that you have hydrangeas as your centerpiece! They are my favorite and were the centerpieces at my wedding.

  4. says

    First of all I think your problem is you’re making lemonade out of the lemons….girl you need to make a lemon martini and throw those plans out the window!! Love the great photos your readers truly enjoy the time and effort you put into each post. Looking forward to the party :)

  5. says

    Oh Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about your art deco sunburst … and your daughter’s ankle and the uncooperative wind – I can relate to you on that one. But, your space came out so AWESOME, I am in love with the colors and all of those fab pillows!!

  6. Brandy~GreyLaneHome says

    Linda I hope this weekend brings much better flow for you. BTW your screened porch is lovely. You did a perfect job.

  7. says

    Hi Linda…

    Great job…love the new look. I too have a screened in porch which was the most drab place in the world the first 4 years in our house. I would actually close the vertical blinds (gone now) just so I didn’t have to look at it. But we painted and added curtains too…now it is such a wonderful place to entertain.
    And lucky you…yours is done in time for the holiday weekend!
    Have a great holiday and enjoy your beautiful new porch area!

  8. says

    I’m so sorry about your mirror and your frazzling day and I’m glad your daughter had no broken bones, but your porch sure is pretty. Have a great day parked in that beautiful space.

  9. says


    Thanks for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving your comment. You are just too sweet. I am following you now as both a LF and on GFC. So looking forward to seeing more of your creations! Have a lovely evening!

  10. says

    So, so pretty and such an air of fun and relaxation. I would spend hours out there with my Kindle. :-) Great job!

    Sorry about all the mishaps and I hope your daughter is ok. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  11. says

    Linda! Shut the front door? Or the back door! Or maybe the screen porch door (does it have a door?) I love it, the aquas are super pretty (also my favorite color so I’m partial to them) and the drapes and hanging pendants just make it perfect!

    I’m a planner too, I’m only a flow-er on vacation:)


  12. says

    Oh my, it’s so perfect!! Hope you don’t mind, but I’m coming over! I’ll even bring champagne to help melt your stress away. Sorry the day was so rough (hope your daughter’s ankle is better soon!!), but the porch looks amazing! I’ve pinned it. Twice. For good measure.

  13. says

    Sorry about your mirror, glad it’s the only thing broken, no bones. What an amazing transformation of your screen room (it’s more than a porch to me) I had a hard time choosing A pic to pin! Sure caught the wind in the drapes pic. I’m here everyday, though the 29th is our 36th anniversary….. Janet

  14. says

    What a day you had! I’m glad you have this peaceful beautiful area to relax and unwind. You deserve it! You’ve done a beautiful job, Linda! I love your daughter’s art work, your happy table setting – every detail!

  15. says

    You rarely see screened in porches in Southern California but I love the idea of them. In Sweden they are called Verandas. I’d love to have a wall to wall glass room off my living room and a french door between the rooms. Then I’d make it sound proof so I could read and relax while my daughter and my husband watch Horror Films. lol This weekend she had a 2 day slumber party and he joined them for a Horror Festival. I stayed in the back of the house with my computer and also a new book. :)

    I love what you have done with your porch. It looks very relaxing!

  16. says

    Your porch transformation is simply amazing. The curtains really change up the entire look and make it feel so cozy. And I love the colors you used, too. I’m a flower. Life is giving me lots of zucchini and I’m making zucchini cake!

  17. says

    I’m more of a planner, although sometimes I can go with the flow. But if I have my day planned out and something comes along to mess it up, I crumble. Unless the something that comes along is better than what I had planned, than it’s great!

    Sorry about your sunburst mirror and your daughter’s ankle – on the positive side, better that the mirror is the broken one! No cast required :-)

    I love everything about your porch, especially the pops of turquoise & red :-) The cushions are fantastic, and I LOVE the birch tree painting that your an your daughter made :-)

    I think parking yourself out there should be a daily plan :-)


  18. says

    What pretty, pretty pictures! Love them! I feel you regarding plans. I love them, but I find that they always get interrupted. lol. Anyhoo, thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn

  19. says

    Your screen porch looks amaaaazing! What a cozy cute place in which to hang out all summer. I’m so glad your daughter is okay, but ick on a sprained ankle. Poor thing. We organize our lives to the minute and then what happens? Life! I so sympathize with you on this unexpected day. Still, you pulled it off! Your porch really is darling.

  20. says

    Amazing porch! I would love to see the before photos. Some day, sigh, I will have a screened in porch for now it is open. After the day you had yesterday, relaxing on the porch sounds like a good plan. I think most of the time I’m a lemonade glass half full kind of gal, but there are those days when I totally lose it for a minute and then need to chill and regroup. Thanks for being a co-host of this wonderful party. There are so many wonderful porches, gardens and bloggers to meet!

  21. says

    I’m not sure if I left a comment or not before on this…and there are so many comments, since this porch is sooo beautiful, and it’s late, so I’m just writing another comment! Yep, this porch deserves two comments anyways! It’s that great!


  22. says

    I absolutely LOVE this! Great project! I’d love for you to link up to my first ever linky party, Ta-Da Tuesday :) check it out HERE ! <3 from your newest follower, I’d be delighted if you’d follow back!

  23. says

    I love the transformation. The porch is so inviting and alive now! The table setting is so pretty and I love the numbered pillows. Congrats on your feature at Creatively Living!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  24. says

    Thank you my friend for linking to Hot Fun in the Summertime. ‘Ya know you were first….. the first couple links were us trying to figure it out!

    You. Are. The. Best.


  25. says

    What a beautiful porch and such a fun table setting. Love the napkins with the numbers! Did you make those? Happy Summer……….

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