Super Saturday Link Party

I have a confession to make.  And please don’t hate me.  And please don’t tell my college friends from Penn State.  But I have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl this weekend.


Holds head in shame.


That’s right.  Not a clue.  In fact, I wouldn’t even know the Super Bowl was being played this weekend if it wasn’t for Kelly & Michael in the mornings.  They’ve been chatting it up and yet … somehow … I’ve missed them talking about the teams that will be playing.  Or maybe I heard them but it went in one ear and out the other …




And, yes, I did attend a big 10 school …


But my complete and utter disinterest in the Super Bowl doesn’t preclude my sharing with you some awesome Super Bowl food ideas that linked up to last week’s Super Saturday Link Party:




Easy 4-Ingredient Pizza from Practical Stewardship

Simply Savvy Recipes meatball sub casserole

Meatball Sub Casserole from Simply Savvy Recipes

Now Valentine’s Day is definitely on my radar.  And we found some amazing inspiration at last weekend’s party as well:


The First Year Blog mini chocolate strawberry cheesecakes

Mini Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecakes from The First Year Blog


DIY Heart Wall Art from Homey Oh My!

Simply Suzanne's mini angel food cakes

 Mini Angel Food Cakes from Simply Suzanne’s at Home


Practical Stewardship natural wart remover

Natural Wart Remover from Practical Stewardship

The North End Loft heart rag wreath

Valentine’s Day Rag Wreath from The North End Loft

Practical Stewardship diy layered haircut

5 Minute Layered Haircut from Practical Stewardship

Thanks again for sharing all of your fantastic projects with us this week!

And now it’s time for this week’s Super Saturday Link Party!


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  1. Maureen says

    Help! “Penney’s Vintage Home” site locks up my computer. It’s happened at least 10 or more times. The only way I can get out is to shut down completely. Is this happening to anyone else? The worst part is that I love so much on the site but can no longer view anything. I’ve not had a problem with any other site.

  2. says

    I have a confession, too! I’ve been hosting a Super Bowl party for over 35 years, and It’s always about the food and company for me, not the actual game! (Don’t tell anyone.) Thank you for featuring my wreath, not once, but twice! You’re the BEST! Have a great weekend, Linda!

  3. says

    I find that I don’t really care about the super bowl this year either. Most of the time I only watch it for the commercials. Maybe next year, we should have a party….we can make one of those stadiums out of snack foods….or, we could just order pizza and drink wine…either way 😉 Thanks for hosting! xo


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