stick a fork in it.

I’m done.


D – O – N – E …


… done.


With a capital d.  Or is it D?


Teen Room Orange Gray Black


Either way, it was just about a year ago that I first started plotting my teen son’s room remodel.  Pulling inspiration and storing them on my hard drive …


… this was in my pre-Pinterest days.


Teen Room Inspiration Board


Somewhere along the way (after two laptop crashes) I’m left with very few ‘before’ pictures of his previously primary colored room …


A B C Boxes (2) (580x414)

DSCN6147DSCN6507 (550x413)
But I do have a ton of ‘afters’ … and did I just hear cheers?  Or maybe jeers?

When I asked my son what he wanted, his only request was orange.  Its been his all-time favorite color for as long as he could say the word (and perhaps it’s because I dressed him in orange when we went to the park so I could spot him right away …)



But there was no way I was going 360 floor-to-ceiling orange. That seemed overwhelming. And bright. And not at all restful.  And bedrooms should be restful first and foremost …



… and that whole ‘accent wall’ idea of orange seemed so yesterday.  At least that’s what Nate says …



So I dreamed a dream that paired orange with gray and black and white.



Teen Room orange gray black 2


The middle band is chalkboard paint, framed out with custom moulding that my husband and I attached using my trusty miter box and brad nail gun.


My son and my husband have named the Ikea Malm bed “the Hugh Hefner bed” …


Teen Room Orange Gray Black Ikea Malm Bed


… and not because my 14 year old ‘has game’ – yuck  – but because it sits so low on the ground.  Almost water-bed-like-ish …


Teen room orange gray black Ikea Malm bed shot


I poured so much of myself into this project.  Like these “high/low” drop cloth drapes I made back in August (see how I made them here)…


Teen Room Orange gray black drop cloth drapes


… they make my heart go pitter patter …


Teen Room orange gray black bookcase

I mean seriously.  Seriously?  I am pleased as punch with the way they turned out!  Exclamation point worthy pleased!  Spiked punch worthy punched!


The top band is a yard of pricier home décor fabric trimmed out with orange ribbon attached to less-than-a-dollar-a-yard drop cloth material …


Teen Room orange gray black clock


And then there’s the monogrammed “s” pillow I made …


Teen Room orange gray black monogrammed drop cloth pillow 3


It’s not perfect. The transfer messed up.  But I don’t care.  It was made with love …


And this comic book page number art?  I’m thinking I may just spark a new blogland trend here with this here project ….


Teen Room orange gray black number comic art 1

… and rest assured (for my male readers), no real comic books were harmed in the making of these – a thought that horrified my son.  I just color copied a few Archie pages …


I framed pictures of downtown Chicago that Sam took on the day before his first day of high school …


… and the day before my 14-year-old Sam took the “El” – or is it “L” — to school ALL BY HIMSELF for the very first time …


And, yeah, that was a bit of a harrowing day for mom and dad …


Teen Room Orange Gray Black Chicago Art


All the frames in the room were 50% off at Michaels; I’m a sucker for a sale sticker …


Teen Room orange gray black mirror


See those shelves in the next picture with the trophies on them? I purchased them 15 years ago.  When I was six months pregnant with the very young man who lives in this room.  But we never, ever hung them up …


… they just sat stacked upside down on top of that custom radiator cover and displayed those trophies …


Teen Room Orange Gray Black 1


Of course the bottle cap drawer pull dresser I imperfectly refinished here found its way into the room …


teen room orange black gray dresser NEW


Teen Room orange gray black dresser


I love this poster I picked up at a Chicago craft fair back in the fall …


Teen Room orange gray black art


… it’s cover art of a super underground, super cool, super young and hip Chicago e-zine that I’m too old to read or understand or subscribe to …


And Ernie the Beagle loves that little fuzzy throw rug I found at Ikea …


Teen room orange gray black with ernie


… it’s exactly his length and sausage-like width.


Oh, and don’t forget to look up.  Otherwise you might miss the ceiling fan that I gave a major makeover complete with that washi tape I pinned here and wrote about here


Washi tape on drum shade final


So stick a fork in it.






It’s finally done …


… a ‘mere’ 8 months later than originally planned.


Why can’t real life be like a 30-minute HGTV makeover show?


Update: The paint colors are Benjamin Moore Pike’s Peak Gray, Dutch Boy Frivolous Berry, and Rust-oleum Chalkboard Paint in black.


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  1. says

    Linda, your son’s room looks AMAZING. I want that room for myself. The horizontal stripes and use of chalkboard paint / molding are brilliant. Seriously. Perfect for a young gentleman. I hope he appreciates what you’ve done! Congratulations!

  2. says

    Super fun and cute! I love the pop of colors and the crisp and clean design. Wonderful job!!!

    With lots of blog love,

  3. says

    Its great (I won’t say lovely) you may not know or care but orange and black are the Flyers colors. My son would love this. I have wondered how to make a room in that color scheme that doesn’t look like the inside of a hockey rink I have to pin this

  4. says

    Linda, that is incredible! What a great son’s room, I love all the little details you’ve put together, like the striped chalkboard, that is so cool. That pop of orange is perfect in there & I think I’m with you, those drop cloth drape are my fave thing in the room. Very chic!

  5. says

    That looks fabulous, it’s like a room in a model home. You did an awesome job here, it’s so hard to tackle boy’s rooms but you nailed it.

  6. says

    As the mom of a 14-year-old boy, gotta say: Wow! My son (who is pretty much take it or leave it about room design) would love this room. Being an OSU Beaver fan, he loves all things black and orange. What a great way to use those colors (which I would have thought impossible).

    And I think 8 months is totally fine. I’ll be amazed if we get our dang bathroom project done in that time…

  7. says

    This is AWESOME! I love it! When my son was 14 he wanted a deep royal blue—let me tell you how many coats THAT took! It looks great–perfect for a 14 year old! (I should know–I have 60 of them.) –K

  8. says

    It looks great! He must be so psyched! I am starting to plan my little guy’s big boy room transformation and I’m getting inspired!

  9. says

    Wow! That is absolutely stunning Linda! I love how you pull this project out right after I finish making your montage for the RRR party! I would have never done orange, but I’d take this room in a second after seeing how great it turned out!

  10. says

    That’s flyers colors – don’t tell your son!

    It turned out amazingly well! LOVE the curtains, the comic book art, the 3 paint colors!

    Especially loving the shelves that took 15 years to hang!

    Just realize – it’s never going to look this picture perfect again once that teen boy gets in there!

    I know the perfect Christmas gift for Sam – a smoking jacket to go with that Hugh Hefner bed!


  11. says

    What your computer crashed twice??

    No really this room is amazing! You have so much talent, sewing, painting, photography and eye for details~I can go on, and on! I love this room!

  12. says

    Linda…. it turned out awesome. The personal touches are cool, not just 50 year old something cool, but teen cool. What did your son say? Something like mine as he lives with a half done room since August… “when you gonna finish my room?”. Dare I do some horizontal stripes? Your’s look great.


  13. says

    Orange & Black are Beaver colors up her in Oregon. Linda, the room is fantastic! So finished looking from top to bottom. Reminds me of a model home+++. I pinned some of my favorite ideas for MY sons room =) The curtains are fab and I just love it all!!!

  14. says

    Who says boys’ rooms can’t be fun, too? It’s SO good! I love every detail that you thoughtfully put into the room. Really like how you did the printed fabric right at the top of the drapes. Project well done!

  15. says

    I love this room! I’ve been waiting for the big reveal ever since you showed the sneak peek, and it was worth the wait. Love the bold color and graphic nature of the walls! Love the artwork and the fabric choices! All the details are outstanding! He must be thrilled. Thanks for sharing.

  16. says

    I have a 15-year-old, and he won’t let me touch his room. I’m just dying to get in there! The only thing he has granted me permission to do is to make him a headboard. Maybe we’ll start with that and somehow I’ll figure out a way to get some art in there. Hmm.

  17. says

    holy crap… in LOVE with this makeover! first, you have to show us how to do the archie comic thing. second….come do my teenagers room! WOAH! and bring an ikea to vegas with you! HIGH 5 yourself!

  18. says

    This is so amazing. Seriously amazing. I love that the room took so long (I know, I know you’re thinking “WHAT?!!?”) because that means you got to create so many heartfelt and handmade projects. Anyone can just run to Target and smack a room together in a few days. What you did is beautiful and something he will treasure until…well until he wants a new room :)

  19. says

    Linda…this is a wow with a capital WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! it is truly a work of art from start to finish!!!! thought to every detail — i am stunned! gorgeous…fabulous and beyond!!!! tons of applause is coming your way (and apaws) to a job incredible DONE!!! did i say WOW!!!! sending you tons of hugs!!!!!

  20. says

    Wow! Will you be my mommy? This is fabulous on so many levels! I love all the small touches, that’s what makes this room so special. Have a great weekend and stop and take a breather, you’re making me look bad I’m sure that’s not your intention is it? LOL

  21. says

    Well, shut the bedroom door…I was anxiously awaiting the reveal or should I say, “the envelope please”…and your name was on the envelope….Category…Best room makeover in “well over 30 minutes”…

    Those drapes are super crazy!!…Hmmm, the next time I have painters come to my house, I will feel the need to add some cute trim..

    Great job in over 30 minutes!

  22. says

    What an amazing room makeover for a teenager! My guys are only 6 and 4 but I definitely want to bookmark this for future reference! Of course, their rooms would be decked out in Yankee garb!


  23. says

    i am laughing (at your humor) and the fact that our bathroom took over one.whole.year to complete (and dare i say it still has a few minor details to finish?). i commiserate with you and applaud you that! i found you via addicted to decorating and so glad i did! LOVE the curtains and the pillow!

  24. says

    A room your son can definitely be proud of! I am going to need to pin/bookmark this. :) I love all of the little touches you added that really add to the room, like the comic book artwork. And the curtains really caught my eye! Great job.

  25. says

    It’s definitely a “dude pad”. Love it. Very Harley-Davidson-esque Chic. The horizontal stripes are super and the gray really sets it off! Excellent paint color choices and so perfectly cohesive. Too many cool things to comment on. An excellent job!

  26. says

    LINDA!!! I love this room. Spiked punch always tastes better in the Caribbean, and I think you’re in need of a celebratory trip for sure. Worth all the work and time. I feel like I’ve missed all the details in this past week, time for me to get caught up…starting with those comic book number thingys. :)

  27. says

    Absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing your ideas…what an inspiration you are to me!! I have been working on my son’s room for over 1/2 a year now and I am motivated to get back into it now. Do you mind telling me where you got the comforter for his bed? Thanks bunches!

  28. says

    Hope you don’t mind, but I love this room and plan to copy a lot of your ideas to create a NASCAR themed room for my 7 year old. :) Where did you get your bedding? Thanks for the inspiration! Beautiful job!

  29. says

    This room is an absolute delight! Your son must be bursting with pride over his room and having a mom that is so very creative. Your comic strip art adds a very hip note to the room. Great job!

  30. says

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. My son wants to come live with you now. Bookmarked this for when we finish his room remodel – it’s seriously cool. Visiting from tt&j and so glad I did!

  31. says

    Love your son’s room!!! Your drapes are fabulous!! I made similar ones this past fall for my bedroom…and love them too. I also have that same fabric that I reupholstered a piano bench with. We have such good taste. haha!! :)

  32. says

    Stellar performance. Very well put together–the colors, the textures. Wow. I love the lampshade over the fan lights. I haven’t ever seen a shade used like that. Job well done.

  33. says

    Linda yours sons makeover is AWESOME! Every little thing looks great. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Please add a visible link to along with the others. I really need to get this newbie party out there so other newbie bloggers have a chance to link up too. Thanks.

  34. says

    This room is fabulous! Love the paint colors and that you put a chalkboard around the room. Here’s a toast (with spiked worthy punch) to a room this is done with a capital D or d. You are so done…you thought of every design detail….oh, and those curtains are To.Die.For!!! Did you buy drop cloths or drop cloth fabric?
    Thanks for inspiring us at Show & Tell. This is just the kick I need to get my daughter’s room finished.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  35. says

    Hi there…I wanted to stop in and say I love what you’ve done with your son’s room. It’s amazing! You’ve inspired me to get started on my sons room. He’s at that age where he’s moving from super hero’s to preteen. So I really wasn’t sure what to do. You’ve changed all that! =)

  36. says

    I found you from Homework’s feature (I was featured also). I love that you used copies of the Archie comics – they were my favorite as a kid. I still have them all – I just might have to do something like this. I also love the band of chalkboard paint you did – genius! The room turned out great!

  37. says

    Wow, stunning results! I am about to do stripes for my toddler’s playroom and was having trouble on a layout, I love yours and wondered if I could get the heights of the various stripes? Mine are going to be green, yellow, and I don’t know yet… lol. Very nice!!

  38. Heather J says

    This is fantastic! I am inspired! My son came out of the womb loving orange and wants his room orange (he’s 11)… which I’ve always denied him. I did just ASCP him a desk in Barcelona Orange and with your room as inspiration, I can see incorporating many elements (wall colors, curtains – love!) Thank you so much!

  39. says

    Fabulous!! Love the shade of orange you used too!! You did an magazine worthy makeover! Loved all the beautiful photos! Even the transfer on the pillow looks unique!! Love it ALL!! Good job!

  40. says

    Judging by the number of comments, this room has been a hit in blogland! I absolutely love it. Orange is my all-time favorite color and I think you did a great job of mixing it with other colors to make it really masculine. Great details!

  41. says

    Your son is lucky to have such a patient and thoughtful mom to put so much time and effort into his room! It turned out amazing! What an awesome job! I hope he apprciates all that you did! Does he like hockey… I saw the colors and thought Flyers (we are huge Flyers fans)!

  42. says

    Linda, I love, love, love this room! It is timely for me because I have started re-doing my 15 year old son’s room. I had been thinking of just updating a lot of what we have, but I now want to start over after seeing all that you have done! You did fabulous job!

  43. KD says

    Love this. Could you tell me the measurements from the ceilng down on each color? Thinking a deep red, the black and white beadboard or paint – not sure yet! Just love this. My son’s closet dooes are already chalkboard paint. :-)

  44. says

    I’ll be featuring YOU tonight at {wow me} wednesday! You were one of the top ten most viewed links from last week’s party! Wahoo! :) Thank you so much for sharing.

    Ginger @

  45. Anonymous says

    I love this room! What are your paint colors? I would love to try with the gray and black and another color for my son.

  46. says

    Linda- So Done and SO SO Worth all your sweat lady! This is such a great room! Loving it! Cracking up on the Bed Part- Game.. Yuck. too funny! I hear ya! These boys!! lol You did an outstanding job, Virtual High Five coming right atcha!! Jen

  47. says

    I just showed my soon to be 13 year old your son’s room and he LOVES it! Especially the ceiling fan and the bottle cap drawer pulls. So how are they working? I’ve given up on tung oil and found something that really does work and smell divine in the process. Its a natural beeswax finish used on “natural” wood. I’ll let you know how it works on my dining room table. In fact mayhap I’ll post it on my blog….

    sorry i digressed… back to the knobs… are they a torture device? could the backs be filled in so that they don’t cut your fingers? just thinkin…

    Have a great day!! Now I’m back to “work”… getting the spare room cleared so that I can continue on our “projects.” ONce again have a great day!!

    Toodles!! (did you get that storm last night? we live about 3 hrs southwest of you and had a real thunder boomer this a.m…. like 0500ish)

  48. says

    Awesome room! Those stripes i think would have been maddening if i had been the one doing them!

    I saw on your curtain post about your sister loosing her battle with cancer. Its funny how things like home projects bring back grief…When I sewed a birthday outfit for my daughter it very much reminded me of crafting with my aunt who died 6 years ago with Wegners. Hugs to you!

    We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  49. Anonymous says

    I love this room. My son had picked out the colors orange and gray but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I had already done two other boys’ rooms and this was the last one. I was trying to make them unique though the colors my boys picked make the rooms quite noticable. One room is now purple with a few verticle orange stripes and the other is 3 walls of purple and one a vivid green. Must say I like them all, but I wanted this one to have its own personality. I plugged the term orange and gray bedroom into Yahoo, and yours was the one that caught my eye. Thank you for the inspiration. As my son’s bedroom furniture is black, as is his curtain, we are going to do only the orange and gray on the walls with a large white chair rail. I’ve just primed the red walls and am, as they say, waiting for the paint to dry. I’m anxious to get started…can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  50. Anonymous says

    Hey, Linda…it’s me again…from above…no not God, Molly. I wasn’t able to post a reply to you so had to open a new comment. I probably should sign up, but I don’t want to log in to one more thing if I don’t have to…that is my laziness rearing its ugly head!

    Anyway, I was up until 2 AM this morning, but I got the painting done and I love it!! As the gray was going on walls I was trying to decide where else I could use that color. Anxious to get the chair rail in place, lay the new flooring, and start putting everything back together. I think I may even steal some of your great decorating ideas, as knowing what to hang on the walls has never really been my forte. May just have to hang around with you some more and model my whole house after yours!

    Thanks again!!

    • says

      Molly, thanks for the morning laugh! Seriously, that me from above no not God just killed me …

      So happy that you’re loving your room. And that gray paint is addicting … I spread it throughout my upstairs hallway and put a darker gray in my entry above the board & batten and now I’m looking at color samples in shades of gray for the living and dining room makeovers …



  51. Anonymous says

    BK – Linda you inspired me. My son’s favorite color is also orange. Just like you, i was not too crazy about painting the whole room orange. I am a Pisces so I tend to be more comfortable with blues & greens. I was surfing the web when i came across your son’s room picture and it was love at first site. Thank you very much for sharing All info. As am typing this, my contructor is painting my son’s room and most of all thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone, I actually like the frivolous berry!

  52. Elisa says

    This looks terrific! I am in the middle of my 16-yr old’s room makeover and we are doing orange/black as well (his school’s team colors). I love the way you used orange with the black without it looking halloweeny! I showed him this picture and he loved the bed linens immediately – do you happen to remember where you got the black and white comforter set? Thank you in advance and for the wonderful pictures and inspiration!

  53. says

    Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  54. says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m using this paint theme – subbing BRIGHT green for the orange – in my son’s new teenage room. And thank you for the sample photos. They really helped show my son what his room would look like. Otherwise we’d all be living this a solid BRIGHT green room. Whew! Again, thanks for sharing.

  55. says

    I have to tell u i pinned this bedroom and it is always getting repinned! I think its the number one repin on my PINtrest. Everyone loves your son’s room. You should be very proud . Its Awesome!

  56. Chrissy klemm says

    I love this room!! my son wants a black & orange room & was nervous to do it. But seeing this… I will say yes! I’ve been looking for gray paint but have bought a couple that have a blue tint to them. Can you tell me the color of the paints you used & the paint company please? Thank you :)

    • Ashli says

      You have inspired me to do redo our sons room!! Where did you get the black and white sheet set/comforter??

      • says

        Thanks so much! The comforter set was from Linens N Things but, unfortunately, it’s no longer in stock. I did see some black and white graphic sets at IKEA and Target. Good luck! :) Linda


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