the screen porch is open

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What makes you smile?


And I’m not talking about the pass-someone-on-the-street-or-in-a-store-smile-and-nod kind of smile.


I’m talking about a smile that really counts.  A smile that makes your heart beat a little faster.  A smile that fills you with warmth …


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A smile that fills you with such joy and excitement that you think you might just burst …


… yeah, that’s the kind of smile I’m talking about.


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Now, it may seem silly that my screen porch elicits that kind of reaction from me.  But it does.  And each time I catch sight of it out our French doors, my heart  goes pitter patter.  And maybe it’s because we spend so many months inside and bundled up here in Chicago …


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But all I know is the screen porch is the reason Mike and I bought this house.  The minute we stepped outside, it was like “where do we sign” …



And we tore down that original porch when we added on to the back of our house.  But the #1 priority in our plans was to rebuild it.   Only this time, a little bit bigger.  And a little bit better …


… which makes me smile even a little bit bigger and lot of bit brighter.



P.S.  Ernie the beagle is happy the porch is finally set up for Summer.  I think I might even see a smile forming at the corner of his mouth … Smile


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