to follow …

… or not to follow.  That is the big question this week.

You see, I like to think of myself as a leader.  A fearless leader, if you will.  Well, unless heights are involved.  Or cruise liners (think Titanic). Or mice. Or spiders.

Though, I’m pretty sure I’m a strong leader for my children (and sometimes my husband too).

So when this new Linky Followers tool was introduced this past week, I gave it a moment’s pause …

… and then jumped right in.  Yup.  This self-professed fearless leader followed right along …

Why?  Well, it’s nice to finally be in on the ground floor of something new and exciting in our blog world.  You see, I’m so very late to this particular party …

And it’s nice to have a tool that doesn’t separate us into WordPress vs. Blogger vs. Typepad vs. Self-Hosted …

And because Roeshel at The DIY Showoff is, well, nice.  She was part of the beta test group (she gives you the scoop on Linky Followers here) … and she’s been supportive of me and my blog since day one.

But now that I’m signed on, I’ve noticed a potential Linky Followers ‘kinky’ (and get your heads out of the gutter people) in the form of our friends potentially swallowing up our sidebar (like here).

What happens when blogs with thousands  … and tens of thousands … of friends Linky Follow?


So I sent a message to Linky Followers creator Mr. Brent Riggs (did I ever tell you he created the blog hop?  See I only know that because he very specifically told me so!) and asked how we can “collapse” the box to show perhaps the first 30 or 40 or 50 friends?

I have not heard back yet from Mr. Brent Riggs.  Either because I had a complete techno-phobic reaction when trying to get signed up and perhaps bombarded him with a few crazy lady emails ….

… or all you crazy ladies (and gentlemen) have been bombarding him with crazy emails as you try to track down the elusive HTML widget …

My major concern is about that prime real estate over there on the sidebar.  You see, I was hoping to one day have some nice sponsor ads there (and not those stupid Google AdSense ads that I’m probably removing this weekend because I’ve only made like 13 cents for something that is taking up major blog space).

And when those sponsors come a begging to please, please make room for them here on this blog, I don’t want to have to put all my friends on a separate page simply because Linky Followers has swallowed up my sidebar …

… and see how optimistic I am with that you will potentially swallow up my sidebar because so many, many friends will be flocking here!

So now I will ask you, my blog friends, if you would be so kind as to Google Friend Connect and Linky Followers follow this fearless leader (well, fearless with the exception of the aforementioned heights and cruise ships and mice and spiders) …

… and if you decide to follow this fearless leader, please let me know in the comments thread so I can follow you back …

Update:  The very nice and lovely Roeshel tells me that it will stop at 64.  Oh, and Cheri has a great tutorial on how to navigate Linky Followers here

P.S.  My very ugly garage was Chicago gang tagged last night …

Garage Tagged

… now these are NOT the kind of friends I want following this now kinda-fear-full leader.

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  1. says

    Love your spunky post, Linda. I’m happy to be getting in on the ground floor of Linky Followers too. I just posted about it as well. Now if we can just keep the momentum going and maybe we’ll even be better off than before. I hope so. Thanks for following Cottage and Creek. Happy to be following you back :) And if you’re interested, I’m hosting my first Giveaway and would love for you to enter. Have a nice weekend.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek.

  2. says

    Whoa, all over my head. Technology isn’t my strong suit, but if I’m going to be blogging, my goal for this year is to “embrace” technology, so linky following it will be :)

    Total bummer about your garage, why oh why do people do that!?

    @ Creatively Living

  3. says

    Your picture of your garage makes me so glad I live in a suburban/rural area. I didn’t even know I lived in a dry county until my sister asked me where to buy some beer.

    I am from NY so I am used to large populations and all that comes with that, but tagging and all things gang related scare me to death.

    P.S. I am jumping in on the ground floor too. I just have figured out how to read the blogs I follow like in google reader.

  4. says

    Thanks for following my new Linky Tool! I am now following both of yours. That is so funny you asked Brent (like I know him!) about the tool swallowing up our side bars. I was wondering about this very thing yesterday. I will be staying tuned for the answer!
    That is terrible about your garage. So invading, so scary.


  5. says

    This linky followers thing has me a little confused but I joined and I’ll be following you that way too! Sorry about the garage, some pretty pathetic looking tags to add insult to injury! Thanks for you sweet comment on my impossibility challenge : )

  6. says

    That is awful about your garage!! I am following you on Linky! And too funny about the Linky Kinky problem! I can only imagine that would be a major problem for some blogs! LOL!

  7. says

    Those taggers should be ashamed – at their lack of artistic ability! How about a little color next time! Of course I am following you every way possible (don’t be scared – I’m not a stalker)!

  8. says

    Oh no, Linda! Why? Vandalizing makes me so sad. :(

    I’m so glad you’re joining in on Linky Followers. I’m surprised Brent didn’t answer you asap – he always does! Perhaps he didn’t get your email? Anyway, like mentioned above, there’s a tutorial (it’s the number in the coding which you can change). Also – I believe it’s set at 64, so it does ‘stop’ and doesn’t show 100s or 1000s. :)

    YOU are supportive and such a good friend, Linda! :) I’m so glad we “e-met” through blogging. I love your blog and look forward to your posts! 😉

  9. says

    We all know you love paint Linda..but to repaint a garage door after it has been graffitied is no fun. My husband said the people who did it should have their arms cut off!
    So Google Ads are not working for you…I get a decent pay out every month from mine and I bet I don’t have nearly as many daily hits as you do. I have some ideas on what you could do to improve…I will email you about them.

  10. says

    I would be one of those chasing the elusive HTML widget–I’m a wordpress blogger, a very absent-minded one right now to make things worse. Too bad about your garage door–police any help? homeowners pay to cover disgustingness? We live in a suburban neighborhood that looks much like yours and we’ve got 3 .22 caliber bullets lodged in a wall of our house. Not thrilled, but at least they didn’t penetrate all our blown in insulation and drywall.

  11. says

    I added the Linky to my new blog too. It’s quite nice. I’m very sorry about the tagging on your garage. That’s not nice. :(

    I wanted to thank you for following me back. :) have you seen my new place?? I hope you’ll follow me there, stop by when you get a chance. Its very cute. :)

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