to paint or not to paint …

… was never really a question when I decided to refinish my son’s dresser.

… and, yes, there seems to be a Bard theme going on this week …

But Sam’s dresser is a nice piece. A solid maple piece.  A piece purchased when I was still employed full-time.  Making the big bucks.  So, naturally, I spent some big bucks on this Room & Board piece …

DSCN6421 (550x413)

Over the years it has started to look tired.  With some water stains and tape residue …

DSCN6423 (550x413)    DSCN6425 

… and how did that get there? Looks like when I thought my son was napping all those years ago he was really drawing on his furniture …

DSCN6418 (550x413)

These knobs were once really cute soccer balls …

soccer ball knobs    DSCN6435 (550x413)

… but now they’re just an ugly mess.

Now, I’m going to preface this refinishing tale by admitting I’m not much of a furniture refinisher person.  I just don’t have the patience required. So this is going to more of a lessons learned post …

… a do as I say, not as I did tutorial of sorts …

  After sanding first with 60 bit sandpaper in the direction of the grain, followed by 180 grit …

DSCN6441 (550x413)    DSCN6446 (550x413)

… I came to understand why so many in the blog world choose to paint versus refinish.  Just saying.

DSCN6465 (550x413)Then came the decision between Tung oil and wax …

… and being the impatient person I am — and looking to avoid that whole wax on/wax off labor — chose Tung oil.  My first lesson to impart here is to wear gloves (which I did not during the first application).

This stuff was very messy and doesn’t clean up with soap and water.

The second lesson is don’t use Tung oil.  Especially if you’re working in a small bedroom space.  In the winter.  That’s not well-ventilated.

DSCN6468 (550x413)

This stuff smells.  And it smells bad.  A very strong and bad smell. A very strong and bad smell that lingers.  For days … and days … and days …

… and it seems to take forever to dry, so I was a bit panicked when I saw this on day two …

DSCN6477 (550x413)    DSCN6474 (550x413)

In the end, it turned out okay …

Maple Dresser Refinished

I can live with it as is.

Maple Dresser Refinished 2

And it actually elicits a smile when I look at those bottle cap drawer pulls …

Maple Dresser Bottle Cap Knobs 2

Even my skeptical husband commented on how well they turned out …

Maple Dresser Bottle Cap Knobs 3

You see, there was a running joke among my son and my husband that I was creating drawer pulls of torture …

Maple Dresser Bottle Cap Knobs 4
You know, hand-shredding drawer pulls …

Maple Dresser Refinished 4

It’s far from perfect, but that’s okay … 

Maple Dresser Bottle Cap Knobs 6

… that’s what accessories are for …

Maple Dresser Bottle Cap Knobs 5
… to camouflage my mistakes.

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  1. Really like the knobs! However since you made all that trouble, maybe you should have painted the thing. Just saying…

  2. Hmmm….I may just do something like this. Only use beer caps.

  3. The knobs are perfect! I love them.

    I’m your newest linky follower and GFC follower!

  4. I like how it turned out! Lovely drawer pulls.

  5. Haha. Nice story. I like the way it turned out. Especially those knobs. Did you just attach the bottle caps to the old knobs? Or start with something else? Very clever, either way.

  6. Love the drawer pulls.

    And I’m a total “if it doesn’t move paint it” kind of person when it comes to furniture. :D

    Oh and your bard came through on my post today, too. I couldn’t help it LOL

  7. Those are the perfect knobs to keep mom out of son’s drawers! He’ll know you’ve been snooping when you’ve got band aids all over your fingers!! They are fantastic (hey, form over function is ok)!

    That poor kid – first paint fumes, now tung oil! Open a window!!

  8. Hello Linda,
    You have been tagged … have fun!

    Love the drawer pulls!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. I’ve learned a lot from this post :) I must remember the knobs of torture. You never know when you may need them! It looks great!

  10. Looks great! Love the bottle cap pulls! Are they mounted on regular knobs? Or did you rig up some other way for them to work? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very cute idea! I love the “knobs” !!! -Sarah

  12. Hey Linda! So glad to have found you through our power blogger tribe! I think I had those same cute little soccer ball knobs on my son’s dresser, too… love the new ones. After all, what’s motherhood if you can torture just a bit? ;-)

  13. I love those knobs, it’s a beautiful piece!!

  14. i love the knobs! and i like it as is not painted- it adds warmth against that wall color!

  15. I keep saying I’m going to refinish instead of painting. Maybe when it’s warm enough to work outside. Your dresser looks great and love the knobs.

  16. Great draw pulls. How is the orange room coming along?

  17. Love the dresser and the knobs really make it unique. Great job!

  18. Love the way it turned out!

  19. I think those knobs are too cute! : ) I now also following you on Linky! Hope you’ll stop by and join my party Frugal Treasures and share one of your awesome post.

  20. Adorable and much improved! I would love for you to stop over to my Creative Inspirations party happening NOW to link it up! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  21. So adorable! Great job. Megan

  22. you did a great job i love the bottle caps idea, we are working on doing the same idea with crown royal bottle lids right now

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