13 diy ‘off the wall’ wall clock ideas

In all honesty, I probably should’ve titled this post wasting time …


Seriously, there are a million things that I should be doing instead of Google-ing “diy wall clock” ideas.  Well, to be more accurate, make that diy off the wall wall clock ideas.


It’s not willy nilly, though.  I mean, there is a point.  A purpose.  You see, I plan to incorporate these ideas into my master bedroom remodel.



*** links to all these project sources can be found by clicking on the photo … or by clicking here ***


Well, not all of them.  That would be an excessive use of time.


Or would that be an excessive overuse of time pieces?


Regardless of my time management issues, one variation of those amazing, original and unique diy wall clocks – in some shape or form – will make their way into my master bedroom remodel.  You know that remodel, right?  The one I started last January …


And yes.  You did the math correctly.  That was eleven months ago.




Now I’m in a race with time …




I have to finish the master bedroom before the New Year.


And now you’re waiting to hear the because …



As in, because my parents are coming to visit for the holiday and will be staying in our master.  Nope.  They’re not.


Or, because so and so magazine called me and they loved my master bedroom remodel inspiration board so much that they want to feature the finished bedroom in their next issue.  Yeah. That didn’t happen.


Truth is, I don’t have a because.


The deadline is self-imposed.  Or more like self-inflicted, depending on how you want to look at it …


Actually, the deadline is linked to public humiliation.  I mean, seriously, who takes eleven months to finish a room remodel.  A remodel that doesn’t include any tearing down or building up of walls.  Entire houses are built in less time than it takes for me to hang some bead board wallpaper and sew some drapes and pillows …


I mean, the big guy (or gal) only needed seven days to create it all. After all. Not that I’m claiming to be anywhere near as talented or creative or creator-like as the big guy (or gal) …


But my master is master-less.  Okay, more accurately it’s a master-mess.


Mostly because I need to stop getting distracted by this …




And this …




And this …



And get moving on this …



The hanging of the bead board wallpaper.  And, seriously, how fabulous does Debbie’s bead board wallpaper look?  I’m so very much in love with the way she trimmed out the top


So before I can move forward on the decorating details … like what kind of original oversized wall clock can I create … I need to move forward on the foundation.  As in hang the bead board wallpaper foundation.


I’m thinking it might just happen this week.


And now the challenge has been publicly issued …


Uh oh.





P.S.  The “Get Milk” chalkboard clock message made me smile because my husband works for the dairy industry.  You know, those “Got Milk” folks … get it?



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  1. says

    That sounds like MY sort of thinking! haha
    If I blog it out loud.. I will be forced to do it.
    Funny, I was just thinking of blogging my butt on a diet.
    You know, some things just take time, I’m sure you’ve waited for a reason :)

    Good luck! May the decorating force be with you :)

  2. says

    You know I love you more because you work at the same speed we do, right? No time spent on the details is wasted time…it all gets in there. Eventually.

    That said, I’ve found that self-imposed deadlines/goals work wonders–especially when made public. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, sometime in January. :-)

  3. says

    Cracking up…nothing like making a big blog announcement to get the lead out! I love the top treatment on your inspiration pic of the laundry room. I have never see the beadboard wallpaper in person. Does it look real? My bedroom is a bit of a disaster right now but I have no plans to do anything soon. It needs painted and I just don’t have the time or energy to tackle that. Maybe next year. :o)

  4. says

    Awwww…thanks for the shout out Linda! And NOW I see what the bead board wallpaper is for! Well, who could blame you for getting sidetracked? Those clocks are amazing! Having just started in on my son’s room, I’m wondering if a little friendly competition would get you moving….shall we see who gets their room done first? 😉

  5. says

    Ah, yes, those self-imposed deadlines… I bailed on those when my Mom Cave passed the 18 months-in-progress mark. It’s those final four projects that get me every time. :) Good luck — the clock is ticking!! :-)
    xo Heidi

  6. says

    Linda dear, I just wanted you to know that its not been 11 months since you started on my bedroom. See it is currently the 11th month which is not over yet and that was back in January so… its only been 10 months! Does that make you feel better? ’cause I was really hoping so, ya know because I have a project or three around here that “we’ve” been working on for a month or two or fourteen.

    I love your clock ideas! I know whatever you come up with look great! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

  7. says

    Believe me we have projects around here that have gone on much much much longer than 11 months. We are now over 5 years past the remodel of our living room and I still don’t have trim – or my shutters hung. I’ve impossed many a deadline that hasn’t been met. Might have something to do with the fact that I can’t do it myself? I’m so hoping for a ‘before Christmas’ this year though.

  8. says

    Linda…you are so real. I love it that you are a procrastinator. Procastinator’s are just the best. And I think I’ll open up a magazine in the future…after Near Years??? and possibly see that master bedroom redo that you’re going to get started on.


  9. says

    The answer to your question is ME. I take 11(+) months to finish a remodel. You can sit tight for another six months or so and still beat me, promise. But don’t do it, because I’m anxious to see what you do with a giant DIY wall clock.

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