a million miles an hour


That about sums up my life these days.


That’s what was going through my mind today as I beat the clock to the post office to get a custom order pillow there in time for overnight delivery.


That’s what wakes me long before the alarm goes off each morning … as my mind races with lists and to do’s and a juggling of priorities.


Promises made … contracts signed … expectations set … pillows ordered …


… all while I stress about things that may be slipping through the cracks.


I haven’t been this crazy hectic busy since 1997.


And don’t get me wrong.  Crazy hectic busy is good.  It means the Etsy is successful.  It means I have freelance public relations work.  It means the blog has sponsors …


But every once in a while, I need to stop.




Stop and sit back.




Stop and enjoy that my children are finally back in school.  And not because I want them out of the house.  But because I know they … like me … need that outside stimulation to keep them fresh and motivated and active.


Stop and register the first sights and signs and smells of autumn.


And stop and admire the fall-inspired mason jar votives I hung on the back porch …




… as they swayed violently in gale force winds …






Maybe tomorrow night I can truly sit back, relax, and enjoy how they remind me of canned cranberries …




… and the promises and expectations of a delicious Thanksgiving feast replete with turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce …


That is, if I can stop moving at a million miles and hour.



P.S. Sharing my votives over at Rhoda’s and Sarah’s too …


P.P.S. If you want to know how I made these, click here …


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  1. says

    Ha ha — I’ve pretty much given up on TRULY slowing down; I think I’m not really wired that way. I now just settle for pauses in the madness. :)
    Awesome votives — hope you’re sharing the tutorial soon??
    xo Heidi

  2. says

    I hear you! Life just never seems to slow down – we have to make time to slow down! Great that you are successful though!
    Did I tell you how much I love your new blog look? I know I tried to but can’t remember if that one ever went through. When I click over from my email it opens in internet explorer and i have problems with explorer. it won’t let me comment. So today I made a point of coming to your blog in chrome so i can get my comment to post!

  3. says

    Welcome to my world LOL.Although I have different things going on.I am always busy,busy,busy.And I only have on child.I don’t know where the days go.My head is spinning with ideas.I have several things going on right now and I am thinking about the next one LOL! On top of that,my space at the mall,blogging etc….. it never ends and the days fly!

  4. says

    Love the colour of those glass stones in your jars. I don’t know what it is about this fall, but I am in the same boat as you – more things to do than I can handle easily. Love it and hate it all at the same time! I just commented on someone’s blog, posted my comment and realized I typed zzz instead of xox! Sheesh – slow down!!! lol


  5. says

    Oh this is fall perfection at its finest! A truly cozy lantern.

    While we don’t have much fall here in Phoenix I would love for you to stop by to see where I did find a bit of fall.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. says

    Everything you said rings true here as well! I feel like I am in a dream when I realize that September is nearly over and Christmas is just around the corner! We all need to be reminded to slow down and take time to enjoy the moment – I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures of your mason jars!

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