it’s a cinch … and it’s a confession

I have to come clean.


I’m concerned I may be leading you astray.

Because today I’m not sharing my first …


Not my second …


But my third Anthropologie-inspired ‘it’s a cinch’ project.


And this is where the problem arises …


… where you may now be judging my ethos …
You see, I’ve never purchased a single item from Anthropologie.


And, in fact, have only ventured inside my neighborhood Anthropologie store a handful of times.  Usually to kill time as I wait for a prescription to be filled.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I adore Anthropologie.  I marvel at their merchandise.  And their creative displays …


… and the reason I avoid — and ignore — my neighborhood store is because other more pressing expenses would be ignored if I ventured inside.


The pre-stay-at-home-mom-former-successful-executive Linda would be a frequent Anthro visitor and customer …


That Linda … the one who didn’t have kids and didn’t stay home to raise those kids … the one who actually brought home some bacon?


Yeah, her.
She would be sporting Anthro’s stylish clothing at her super-successful job.  She would be sipping her morning tea at her super-successful-executive-mahogany desk from an Anthro “L” monogrammed mug.


That kid-free-rule-the-world-executive-public-relations-queen-Linda would spend her lunch hours cruising Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Room & Board, Banana Republic, and Anthropologie with her credit cards held high …


But the post-rule-the-world-turned-stay-at-home-mom-Linda … the Linda who no longer brings home any bacon … can no longer afford the Anthros and the C&B’s and the PB’s of the world …


… so now she must resort to creating her own knock-offs out of thrift store finds …


Like these Anthropologie confetti glasses that I first pinned here …


So I enlisted my daughter’s help once again.  We cleaned the glasses with rubbing alcohol first … just like the DecorArt paint pens instructed … and then we grabbed those paint pens and started making dots on some glasses I picked up from the Salvation Army …




And after they dried for 4-8 hours we baked them in the oven to set those paint drop pieces resembling confetti … or so says the DecorArt paint pen instructions …


And I have to admit while this project is a cinch in terms of skill level … it does require a bit of patience.  Because depending on the look you want …


… photo styled and taken by my tween daughter
…. and the size of the glasses you’re using …


… photo styled and taken by my tween daughter …
… it could end up being lots …




… and lots …


… of dots.
The tween gave in at one point and asked me to fill in more dots on hers …




Not a problem.


I just parked myself in front of the TV and alternated between watching the men’s gymnastics Olympic trials and dotting away …




Oh, and the tween had a great suggestion to make votives from the little glasses …




… I’m so proud of my little blogger-in-the-making!



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P.P.S.  The pink raspberry lemonade with rainbow sherbet we made for the photo shoot was just as tasty as it looked …


… and was super simple to make:

2 cans raspberry lemonade concentrate
Rainbow sherbert
Lemon slices
Fresh raspberries
Mint sprigs

Just make the lemonade according to instructions on can (I think it was one can concentrate to three cans water).  Slice up some lemons to garnish glasses with … and add some slices to the pitcher.  Pour into glasses.  Add a few scoops of rainbow sherbert, some fresh raspberries, and a mint sprig.  Enjoy!


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  1. AWESOME job! the perfect celebration glass indeed! i hear you loud and clear on when one would shop at anthro and then in a different time warp would not! i GET IT!!!! i am so there also even though i still just adore their “real” catalog…it is truly dreamy : ) tell your daughter…FABULOUS job and I am with her…sometimes more is more : ) thanks for sharing this project with all of us…another amazing job…applause and appaws! hugs…

  2. those are so festive! great job!
    i shop their clearance knobs and that is it!

  3. TERRIFIC job!

  4. How charming! Color combinations are endless for endless occasions. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. This is adorable!! Love that she helped and styled!! :)

  6. Very cool! Was vodka involved?? (Not for your sweet girl, of course.)

  7. Really, really cute!! Your little blogger-in-the-making is very talented!

  8. These are cool!

  9. Now that’s a lot of dots – dots any stay at home blogging mom would be proud to sip their lemonade (or wine) from! And just think, if you were shopping at Anthropologie, credit card maxed out, you’d have no reason to make these beauties while watching men in their skivvies pummel, ring and tumble their way to Olympic glory!

  10. Pretty pretty pretty well done to you and the tween blogger.

  11. I have not been inside an Anthro store more than once in my life and that was 10 years ago at the Mall of America. I should at least take an online look at their catalog I guess, but I’ll probably get mad they are knocking off all my friends stuff!


  12. Those glasses are seriously adorable! I can’t wait to make my own – LOVE them!

  13. I’ve NEVER been in an Anthro store! Not sure if Denver even has one. But regardless – those glasses are so gorgeous!!! I’m putting it on my list of projects to do some wine glasses! Great gift idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Brilliant!

    Love this project – and love your daughter has been such a great crafter/blogger!

    Well done!

  15. Linda,
    LOVE this look! And a fun project too.Those look so pretty just displayed when you are not using them.

  16. Linda, How fun is this! Love these for summer…so smart of you to figure out how to make your own! :)

  17. Adorable. Inexpensive. Easy. Pinned :)

  18. The glasses look fantastic, and I do think you have a blogger in the making. They look great as votives.

  19. I don’t even know where an Anthro store is! Who needs it when I can just copy your easy projects? :-)

  20. Great knock off Linda……..keep on crafting!

  21. Linda, these are fabulous! Very very fun.

  22. I love these! Liz

  23. Way Cool!

  24. I will have to find Decor Art pens in our small town…or better yet order online. Did the package state the oven temp and time?

  25. These are AWESOME!! Perfect patriotic punch!
    xo Heidi

  26. They look awesome Linda! Those glasses are so amazingly fun!

  27. Love them!! I’m no where near Anthro-I live thru your creations :)

  28. Anth ro what?

    Making it yourself is a million times better.
    And your little blogger in the making is a supah star styler!!

    Great job =)

  29. SO cute!! I have a set of thrift store glasses who will be getting a little dot makeover soon :)

  30. Wait a minute…paint markers…how “cinchy” is that…OK..on my way to Michaels soon…I can do that!…I love them…and they look great with the raspberry lemonade/sherbet drink!…You are the best…

  31. great project! We don’t even have an anthropologie here. soo…i rely on your tutorials to show me what i’m missing out on :)

  32. Oh, I love these!

    I haven’t tried the paint markers although I freguently stand and stair at them when in Michaels. I’m a dye hard throw everything in the dishwasher nut and I just worry that they’d never make it through the dishwasher cycles.

    But these glasses … so simple and yet so festive. I may have to give the markers a try after all. Thanks for the inspiration.

  33. Love them, Linda! it appears I need to peruse the Anthropologie site for inspiration. The only purchase I’ve made there … my wedding dress. :)

  34. I definitely need to venture into anthropologie a little more, they seem to have some great ideas.

  35. These are great! SO beautiful! And I feel the same way about RH- I copy their stuff all the time, but have only been a a real, live store 1 time! {Though even the working me would have balked at those prices!}
    xo Becca

  36. What a fun and cute project! Your apple ‘tween daughter obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree! Love these glasses.

  37. Super cute glasses. I love the confetti design and the colors you chose. I shared an Anthro knockoff recently that I did before I started blogging. If you’re interested, you can check it out here. Love their furniture, but the prices can be a bit high for the average gal.

    By the way, I have mixed feelings that an Anthro store is opening up for the first time in our city soon. It could be good or bad!

  38. Super cute knock-off! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  39. These are fabulous and love your honesty! I am the same way…the career woman would have bought lots of things that this stay at home mom no longer buys or learns to make on her own!!! Have a great day!

  40. Could these be any cuter?? They are fantastic. What a great knock-off. Pinning right now. We are redoing our kitchen and have some open shelving now – this would be a great project to do on some glasses for the open shelves.

  41. SO so cute!

    The PR-careerist-pre-stay-at-home-mom that I was STILL balked at Anthro’s prices. So thumbs-up to you!

  42. These are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!!! I love ‘em!!! Pinning these now. ;)

  43. Linda! I think these are AWESOME!

    Stopping in from Hot Fun in the Summertime ;)

    I will have to be making these for a birthday party I will be hosting. THANKS!
    and BTW, I have only purchased drawer pulls from Anthro…. on major major clearance…. this stay-at-home-mom had the makings of a huge Anthro purchaser back when I too brought home the bacon ;)

    Take care,

  44. Too cute!

  45. Another fabulous project. Thanks again for linking to the Hot Fun in the Summer Party.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Um. How weird did it look when the comment I initially posted (in which I mentioned my camisoles) was posted as Rick? My husband? Why was I signed into his Google account?


    My comment. Not his.

    Ooooh sherbet in pink lemonade. I could go for some of that right now. Or 5 minutes ago…

    I have also only been in an Anthro maybe 2 or 3 times, characterized by my mutual general lack of monogrammed mugs and $89 camisoles.

    Those glasses are so cute, and so festive for the 4th!

  48. So awesome! Love the festive look!

  49. I love your honesty.It’s so refreshing!
    Beautiful job and extremely great idea.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi does the glass not shatter when you bake it? What type of glass is it? Can one use any type of glass?I look forward to your reply. Great art work though so simple to make :-)

    • The instructions on the paint pen tell you to not preheat the oven but to put the glasses in and then turn it on … and at the end, you leave the glasses in the oven with the door open to cool down. And you can use any type of glass …

      And thanks!



  51. They look great! Such an easy way to dress up a plain glass! :)

  52. Okay i don’t know how i missed this project but i love it!! Thanks for partying with me!! You Gals are the BEST, truly!! Wishing you luck for the drawing!!

  53. These are GORGEOUS! I have to have some. Thank you so much for sharing on the Pinworthy Projects Party.
    I wanted to stop by and let you know that you were featured today! I hope you will come check it out!

  54. So cute! I love your confetti glasses :-D

  55. Great blog! Love the glasses. Love to swap buttons ;)

    New follower from Whatever Goes. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Hosting facebook hop now. Love for you to link up your fan page ;)

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I love these glasses and even bought some to do the same. However, I am unable to locate these paint pens. Where did you purchase them?

  57. I love these. this is a great tutorial. I have a Blog Hop, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  58. So cute, Linda (your helper too!). I love Anthro as a source of DIY inspiration too!

  59. Saw your post on Hometalk and came to visit. What a great idea! I could do this!!! ;)

  60. I saw it too on Hometalk and also saw it on pinterest… Love it =) and well done to your Girls they did an awesome job… I’m a follower ♥

  61. HaHa…I am SOOOO with you on the stay-at-mom can no longer afford those luxuries! I ONLY go in anthro for inspiration on my DIY projects! Don’t worry there are plenty of other people dropping big bucks to keep them in business. We can steal their creative ideas without remorse, right? Thanks for linking up at Get Schooled Saturday. I would love to make these and it is a great sit in front of the tv project!

  62. Love this! My kids and I made similar glasses last week, but haven’t gotten around to posting them yet. I’m visiting from

  63. I LOVE these glasses!!!!

  64. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them. I got those kind of glasses when I left my parent’s house. These pictures want me to have them back again. I’ll go over to the craft store this week!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a wonderful day

  65. Wow, these are so fun!

  66. What a cool idea, Linda! They turned out so pretty! The recipe sounds delicious, too! Hope you are doing well!

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