Bats Flying Across A Pumpkin


While driving in the car to get supplies to try and salvage my pumpkin Pin-Fail, I was listening to the morning show on the radio.   Eric and Kathy here in Chicago.


They were talking about strange food eating habits.  You know, quirky things you do when eating certain foods …


typically something highly embarrassing …


that you typically do in the privacy of your own home.


And these strange food rituals are directly tied to how your food tastes. Like if you don’t perform them your food just won’t taste the same.


Listeners were invited to call in with their strange food eating quirks.  And I thought, ha, I don’t possess any of these oddities when it comes to food …


you know, because I’m perfect and all. Winking smile


But upon further contemplation, I realized this wasn’t completely true.


Take potato chips, for example.  I can’t eat them as is. Straight from the bag. I need to dip them in sour cream.  Just plain old sour cream …


Or I like to eat them with chocolate.  Two chips with a piece of a Hershey bar in-between.  A chip and chocolate sandwich.


Then there’s my pretzel rod eating habit …


… and get your heads out of the gutter …


but it’s such a strange habit I can’t even begin to describe it to you here.


But I digress.  The point of this post, after all, is to share my pumpkin project.  The salvaged bats flying across a pumpkin version …


doesn’t it look so much better now!!!


Bats-On-Pumpkin-No-Carve 2

As compared to my Pin-Fail spider-web-wrapped pumpkin I shared last week.


That radio-listening-car-ride led me to the craft store.  Where I picked up a sheet of black poster board.  Because after I spotted this swarm of bats on a pumpkin at NoBiggie, I knew I needed bats flying across my pumpkin too. To go with my whole bats flying across things theme in my Halloween home décor this year …



Now, the original tutorial called for a bat die-cut or bat craft punch.  I had neither.  So I found a free bat pattern online here … at


I simply copied it into a word document and resized smaller.  I cut it out and traced onto black poster board.


Here’s a quick tip:  Fold your poster board in half and trace just half of the bat on the fold.  It’ll save you a ton of cutting time …



I just affixed with glue dots.

Pumpkin Ideas: Bats Flying Across Pumpkin No Carve Pumpkin Idea

I’m thinking my pumpkin looks pretty Pin-tastic now … so feel free to pin away!


Linda signature-orange_thumb

P.S.  Do you have any strange food eating quirks and habits?  Feel free to share …


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  1. Betty819 says

    Thanks for sharing your I read the tuitorial that a real pumpkin or fake one that you painted white? You mention something about a craft punch for the bats..what company makes that? Did you use chalk paint on the pumpkin? Love all your ideas for this Holiday. I would think one would be able to find bats already made up in a craft store along with other decorations..will look down at Michael’s this week if I get a chance.

    • says

      Okay, let’s see. The pumpkins are fake. Found them last year at Michael’s and they were already white and black. No painting needed! I don’t have a craft punch for bats. I just cute them out the old fashioned way with a pair of scissors! Thank you for your very kind words and good luck with your project! :) Linda


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