mason jar mayhem

I’ve been remiss.  I haven’t been holding up my end of this home diy blogging bargain thing.


I’m closing in on my one year blogging anniversary yet it wasn’t until last week that I finally featured a mason jar project


fall votive idea with mason jar


A project that I didn’t even bother to show you how I made.


So today, I’m not just sharing one mason jar fall project “how to” … but five.  One right here on the blog.


And four more over here, at Bonbon Break.


Bonbon Break


It’s an original article authored by me that has me likening blogging in this home/diy genre to rushing a sorority … while I share four easy to recreate mason jar ideas for Halloween.


Now back to those fall-inspired votives


mason-jar-votive-with-beads-tutorial mason-jar-votive-how-to-make

mason-jar-votive-red-beads-how-to mason-jar-votive-how-to-hang


The biggest challenge was the whole sliding of the glass beads between the votive and the jar … I kept dropping them inside the inner votive.  Which meant starting at the beginning.  Again and again …




Until I wised up.  And put some masking tape on the end of a Sharpie.  When a bead ended up in the votive I simply “stuck it” on the end of the Sharpie and pulled it out.




Problem solved.


Yeah, you can always count on a professional tutorial over here at it all started with paint …





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  1. says

    Good job! I think the choice of amber beads was clutch. Very autumnal…there was a request for Halloween crafts on the HARO email just tonight. I’ll forward it to you.

  2. szinteriors says

    Wow, that’s beautiful, Linda! I was wondering how you got all those glass rounds in there, and was getting all complicated on myself thinking glass cutter to make the rounds… But how did they get fused together… Oh my! Who knew? Great project with huge impact! :-)

  3. Libbey says

    I love all the ideas coming out now about what to do with mason jars! Love the glow on yours! I found you through the Thursday Zombie contest on Bon Bon Break :)

  4. Rita says

    I love the jars they are so cute. I found you through the Bonbon Break giveaway. =) I love that you are up for using a nail gun as well. =)

  5. says

    Hiya Linda! Found you through the Bon Bon Break. The mason jars are beautiful. I pinned the project and am certainly trying this as part of my Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Thanks for posting this project. :0)


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