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I wasn’t going to publish a 2013 recap.  I toyed with it.  Rolled the idea around in my head during those early morning hours when I’m not quite awake …


but not quite asleep …


when the lists and tasks and chores to be done that day, that week, that month invade my semi-state-of-consciousness. Starting as a slow mummer and escalating into full on screams as they pop up one-by-one like a guilt-laden Whac-A-Mole …


Clean the houseOrganize the closets. Should I write a 2012 blog recap post? Exchange Sam’s t-shirts. Buy Molly new dance shoes! And tights!  DON’T FORGET THE TIGHTS! Go to IKEA!  Create A Plan For The Blog!  And Don’t Forget About Sam‘s ID For His Spring Break Performance Cruise… AND PERMISSION SLIP … AND PAYMENT SCHEDULE …. AND TUXEDO RENTAL … OR PURCHASE? …  AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT MOLLY’S TIGHTS!!!!!


And in the end the chatter became so loud, so insistent that I can no longer whac those moles down. That’s when I reluctantly pull back the covers.  Leave the warmth of my bed in search of fuzzy slippers and a snuggly, over-sized hoody, and contact lenses so I can clearly see – and fully face – the dawn of a new day.


And as I pull up the blinds to let the morning sun stream across the crisp white down comforter I recently–and reluctantly–abandoned, my thoughts return to the idea of creating a 2013 recap post.


My initial reaction is no.  No.  A hard and firm no.


But then …


then I returned to one of the Whac-A-Mole thoughts that keeps popping up each morning: creating a plan for the blog.  And I mean a real plan that goes beyond creating a calendar for posts.  And planning ahead …


which I absolutely need to do …


but a plan that starts first and foremost with the creation of my elevator pitch.  You know, summing up the blog in a way that is intriguing and enticing and utterly original and groundbreaking in 100 words or less …


an impossible-to-create summation that takes no longer than an elevator ride to deliver!


To create that impossible-to-create elevator pitch, I thought it would be useful to take a look at what on the blog captured the greatest attention – and traffic – in 2013.


I found the stats telling …


and a bit head scratching … 


so I decided to go ahead and share them here with you.   Thus overriding my 2013-recap-hard-and-firm-no with the hopes that you can help me define what Paint should and could be in 2014 and (hopefully) beyond …


Let the countdown begin:



#10 Most Viewed in 2013



Ombre Blue Mason Jars



#9 Most Viewed



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mason Jars



#8 Most Viewed



Mason Jar Fall Votives


And can we take a moment here to notice a pattern forming in the form or mason jar projects?  And can I take a moment to fess up that #8 is actually a 2012 project?  Luckily #7 is a departure from mason jars …



#7 Most Viewed


How to Make Shiny New Locker Baskets Look Vintage



#6 Most Viewed

car-with-tree-in-mason-jar-christmas-decoration-2 2

Car in Jar Snow Globe



#5 Most Viewed


How To Make Mirror Image Text in Microsoft Word


Yep.  The head scratcher. Seriously?  This post dates back to December 9, 2011.  And every other week I get an email with a giant thank you from someone who had spent hours trying to figure this out and was ready to pull their hair out and toss their computer out the window …


#4 Most Viewed


Mason Jar Lemon Meringue Pies


#3 Most Viewed

mason-jar-flags-red-white-blue watermark

American Flag Mason Jars



#2 Most Viewed



Silver Mason Jars


And now drumroll please ….

it’s a shocker …

okay, not really …

… but it’s the mason jar project that started it all …


#1 Most Viewed



Painted & Distressed Mason Jars


And after this top post countdown, I’m seriously scratching my head for my elevator pitch …


I did start a separate mason jar blog that’s all about mason jar crafts called Mason Jar Crafts Love.  So clearly that’s a good thing based on my top posts of 2013 …


but what does this mean for It All Started With Paint?




I  think I see a few more pre-dawn Whac-A-Mole mornings in 2014 ….

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  1. says

    I know, right? I think I’m ready to focus on something other than home projects, and then I take part on a tablescape tour (I do love fussing with the skeighty-eight dishes I have) and get a zillion views. Then I post something about being a mom (which I rarely do) and I get fifty comments! It’s weird. All this talk about “focusing” my blog, and I guess it just doesn’t work that way for me. My dozen hardcore readers are there for the random. And Downton Abbey.
    Happy New Year, Linda!

  2. says

    Your gorgeous mason jar creations are so pinnable and make absolutely terrific decor. I’m not the least bit surprised they’re many of your most popular posts, but my favorites of last year are of your amazing incredible beautiful inspiring home. Your living and dining rooms? Absolutely perfect. I love, love, love your home. On another note, what is it that compels us to stop everything and write a blog post? I like to think it’s my creativity bursting through, and not my OCD. LOL! Happy New Year, Linda. I enjoyed your recap.

  3. says

    Oh thank goodness….I thought I was the only one who had those types of mornings. The only difference is I hear my donkeys in the background and can’t get back to sleep even if I wanted too!! You had a great year and I can’t wait to see your what you will be up to in 2014. Happy new year!!

  4. says

    There’s at least one day a week when I feel this way. I’ll write a post that comes from my heart or do a project that I’m completely in love with — and crickets. And then old posts that I’ve forgotten about — old posts with horrid photos — keep popping up in my stats.

    I keep thinking I need to focus and find my niche, but I kinda like being all over the place. I’m going to dress it up and call mine a “lifestyle” blog, but that’s really code for the fact that I’m all over the place. Who can think of a brand identity when I’m still struggling with my personal identity! :)

    I personally think you’re great — and I love all your posts. You always make me laugh, and you always make me smile. So, make sure that’s in your elevator pitch.

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