red, white & blue mason jars

mason-jar-flag-red-white-blue-for-fourth-of-july watermarked

Did you ever invite yourself to a party?


And I’m not talking about some coy, roundabout way of trying to pull an invitation out of someone.  Listening with rapt attention as they regale you with tales of their past parties.  Gasping and laughing and expressing with great enthusiasm about how much fun it sounded …


… letting your voice trail off as you look longingly at the storyteller.  Hoping an invitation would be forthcoming. I mean, you did laugh at all the rights spots, didn’t you …


No, not that kind of inviting yourself.  I’m talking about the brazen-put-someone-on-the-spot-with-a-direct-invitation-invite-yourself invite.


Yeah.  I did that.


It was about seven years ago.  At a party with the full extended family.  And my husband’s nephew’s wife’s mother (got that?) and her family were talking about their annual Fourth of July bash.  And all could think is that I needed to be a part of all that crazy fun.  About how I needed to be included.  So I did it.  I asked if we could could get an invitation …


And the rest, as they say, is history ….


So in honor of our wonderful, annual Fourth of July hosts, I decided to make a appropriately themed gift to properly thank them for overlooking my rudeness and welcoming us into their family celebration …



… with some mason jars. Of course.  This time painted and distressed in red, white, and blue.  And put together to make an American flag.


I started by painting two jars white and one blue using craft store acrylic paint (Americana Snow White, Primary Blue, and True Red) …




Then I moved on to the stripes …


mason jar flag tutorial how to


Followed by the stars …


mason jar flag utensil holder how to


And then I distressed them using sand paper.  I also used an emery board on the smaller spaces around the raised lettering …


mason-jar-flags-red-white-blue-5 watermark

After a coat of clear enamel spray paint …


mason-jar-flags-red-white-blue-7 watermarked

They’re ready to party!



P.S.  Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win a case of Ball canning vintage blue look mason jars.  Click here to enter …


If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my new mason jar blog …


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american flag painted mason jar

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  1. most beautiful and cool jars

  2. Question: How long did you let the jars dry before taping and painting stripes? Thanks!


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