Union Jack Flag Mason Jar


I’m not going to sugar coat this. I’m not going to pretend this repurposing of a mason jar into a Union Jack Flag vase was easy.


It’s not.


I’m not going to pretend that each step was executed flawlessly the first time out.


It wasn’t.


I’m not going to pretend this project was completed in a single day. Or  two days. Or three …


… more like six.


Yes, you read that right.


Six days.


Don’t believe me?  Let me count the days …


Day 1


Apply base coat of acrylic white paint. Give it 24 hours to fully cure.




Day 2


Tape off the Union Jack flag design. I used Washi tape and included a flag design on the front and back of the jar.



Paint with blue. Let dry for 24 hours.




Day 3


Remove tape. Cry a little at all the mistakes.



Pull it together and touch up with white paint. Let dry for 24 hours.




Day 4


Tape off area for center red. Make sure tape leaves a band of white around the red.




Paint with red paint. Let dry for 24 hours.



Day 5


Remove tape. Cry a little when the tape pulls off your white paint.



Touch up mistakes with white paint. Let dry 24 hours.


union-jack-flag-mason-jar how-to-make


Day 6


Distress with sandpaper.  My choice is 80 grit coarse.




Seal with matte spray clear sealer (found mine at the craft store).



And there you have it. Six days later your plain, boring, clear class mason jars can be turned into red, white, and blue dazzlers …


union-jack-flag-mason-jar-18 2


Here’s a view of the back …


union-jack-flag-mason-jar-19 2


… and a view of the side.


union-jack-flag-mason-jar-20 2


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Yeah, all those projects don’t require six days to complete …


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P.S. I’m now selling these jars on my Etsy shop. Click here for the listing …


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  1. says

    I absolutely love these! I just painted a mason jar for the first time last week. I just did some simple stripes but even that required tons of touching up so I can only imagine the frustration this project must have caused!

  2. Sharon H says

    I would think painter’s tape would work better…blue or green…but I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know. Anyone?

  3. says

    Hi Linda! I love how these jars turned out, so will be featuring them on my ‘Weekly Wonders’ blog post tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa


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