a sick day. almost.


I had every intention of calling in sick today.


But it wasn’t going to be a real sick day.  Because I’m not sick.  I was going to give you the fake sick call-in …


* Cough *


Hellooooo ….


That was going to be my opening.  The fake cough followed by the gravely, drawn out hello.  Spoken softly.  Almost a whisper …


* Cough *


Another cough for good measure.  Followed up with …


I’m not feeling so good today ….


* Cough * 


*Cough *


* Sniffle *


And then I would give you my litany of fake ills:  My head hurts.  My stomach is queasy.  I feel weak.  I’m burning up.  I was up all night ….


* Cough *


But somewhere between my viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on ABC Family and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on my Amazon Video Library, panic set in …


… my cursed, ingrained goody two shoes nature kicked in …


And I realized I just couldn’t do that to you.


Fake coughs and fake illnesses couldn’t be used to mask the fact that I have no new projects to share.  That nothing was worked on over the weekend…


I mean, really?  How could I find the time with all that Harry Potter viewing going on … Winking smile


So instead, I show up here first thing all bright-eyed-and bushy-tailed …


… to give you yet another shameless plug for my Etsy shop!



The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mason jar collection.  Painted in Old White.  And distressed.  Of course.


You can find them by clicking here …


Shameless, I tell you …


You know what?  It probably would’ve been better if I had just called in fake sick after all …


Painted Mason Jars in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Painted and Distressed Mason Jars in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

If you want to make your own painted and distressed mason jars, I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial . You can find it by clicking here …

Mason Jar Crafts: How To Paint & Distress mason Jars

You can find even more mason jar craft ideas at my project gallery. Click here for more …

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

I even have a second blog dedicated to all things mason jar. Just click here …

Blog Filled with Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Finally, if you’re looking for mason jar crafts ideas for kids, check out my book by clicking here …

Craft Ideas for Kids Using Mason Jars


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  1. says

    i’m glad that (1) you aren’t/weren’t sick and (2) that you did post the shameless etsy shop plug. the last time i looked at your etsy shop, you had mason jars but no drop cloth items. while i like mason jars, i’m not “into” them, i’m sure you get the difference there! but drop cloth items, now that’s a different story. so yay! and definitely agree with karen, if you don’t feel like posting, that’s the benefit of being a blogger and not a factory worker.

  2. says

    Those are so darn cute. Oh how I know this story. The internal drive deep within me doesn’t always reconcile with the need for just shirking all self imposed responsibilities. There comes a point where you cross the line from occasional blogger to blogger with some responsibility to others. Usually I am happy to show up here and share something, but there are days when I would just like to pretend I don’t know anything about the blogosphere. So looking forward to Haven, hoping my blogging batteries will get a be recharging!

  3. says

    You know I will always have a soft spot for your mason jars. And the chalk paint ones are just as fabulous as the others you’ve posted.

    I feel like I’ve had a sick week! I’ve been so caught up in my hectic little life that I haven’t had a chance to write anything down! (Still – don’t be afraid to take a day (or days) off. Sometimes it’s liberating!)


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