mason jar window treatment

I got sucked into the “Watchathon” last week.


While millions of American families romped in the surf or explored museums or packed up the car for a Spring break road trip, I was glued to the television set.  Watching the evil Comcast “Watchathon” …


What is a “Watchathon” you non-Comcast-customers may ask?  It’s when the cable company stacks their Video On Demand programming will full seasons of shows so you can catch up on what you missed … or lured into new series that you didn’t have time to watch in the past.  They are even so sneaky as to give you access to HBO shows – even though you (that’s me) unsubscribed to HBO right about the time Sex & the City aired it’s finale …


In-between catching up on the last season of Mad Men – the new season premieres on April 7 – I managed to fit in a few more mason jar projects …


… and I think I just heard a collective groan …


Hey, what’s a DIY blogger to do when the doctor’s orders include “no heaving lifting?”


This time around, I used some mason jars to create a window treatment …




Though, I should use that term very loosely.  For many, the term window treatment conjures images of creating privacy.  Blocking out unwanted voyeurs.  But to be honest with you, I don’t really use window treatments to cover these windows …




The glass block does the job well enough to obscure the view looking in.  And I was more interested in improving the view looking out …




These were very simple to make …




I just used some jute and Command hooks …




Although, I’m pretty sure I went against doctor’s orders by climbing on my rickety old ladder to hang them …




The best part?  This window resides in our family room.  The very same room with a flat screen television set.  I didn’t  miss a minute of my “Watchathon” while working on this project …



Looking for more mason jar ideas?  Check out my Mason Jar Project Gallery …


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  1. really pretty!!! i love it wih the white flowers!

  2. what a pretty idea. good thing I have direct tv! sharing this lovely idea on FB.

  3. I think these look very lovely :)

  4. You know, as long as you keep making cute stuff I don’t care how many mason jars you lift up and post about. But stay off the ladder, you only have one good hand left.

    (pinned them)

  5. So pretty Linda! How fun changing these flowers out during the spring and summer! Now that spring break is over I need to get back to work!

  6. Well then! If the view was obscured, but the television viewing was not, then I’d say it was a raging success. I dealt with my in-laws changing the subject every time I brought up anything having to do with my barn sale or art all week. It was -um- interesting. But my kids and husband had a great time, so it’s all good. And my FIL helped me build the coolest 4ftx2ft planter out of 2×4′s. It makes me giddy every time I look at it. So I suppose I forgive them for not being able to deal with me working, rather than focusing every scrap of time and energy on my kids or husband. I mean really. I feed them, sometimes. ;)

  7. No groaning here! I love a good mason jar project. (But I was wondering about the sudden glut of MJ projects; hadn’t thought about the injury. At least you’re making good use of your time, both with Mad Men and the mason jars ;)

  8. ADORABLE!!!!! What a great way to brighten up a window! You are a genius!

    Have an awesome (no finger moving) day!

    :) me

  9. These are awesome! Can I ask, did you tie the jute on the sides to make a knot to form your “hanger”? So, so cute!!!~~Angela

  10. Love it! And so fresh and springy!

  11. You’re a multi-tasking maven! Love it — very fresh!
    xo Heidi

  12. I love it. So pretty and ready for spring!

    I got in exactly three episodes of Season 1 of Game of Thrones (which I’ve been wanting to watch forever) before it ended. Obviously Cannot watch that with kids running about, and my husband is 100% not a medieval/kings/swords-and-horses fan. Guess I’ll have to wait for next years watchathon….

  13. Merri Jo says:

    This is SUPER cute!

  14. You have cutest window in town…this has to just make you smile every time you pass by this pretty and creative as usual Linda!!

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I got sucked into watchathon too! Magic city. You obviously are able to multi-task very well. What a great way to brighten up your window and add an interesting and natural element.

  16. That is a beautiful treatment! I love it!

  17. So beautiful! And any project that can be done while catching up on mad men gets extra points!

  18. I absolutely love this! Great project – pinning!

  19. This is a brilliant idea. I can see doing it outside too…maybe hanging from inside a table umbrella? White flowers are my favorite and always perfect. Obviously pinning this. :)

  20. undeniably adorable! what a terrific idea. KariAnne at pointed me to this post…thanks KariAnne!

  21. This is just so stunning. The simplicity of it – just lovely!! Following you now!

  22. this is so cute!!!

  23. You’ll hear no groaning from me. I can’t get enough of these kinds of projects. Love how the glass catches the light. It’s simple and yet it draws the eye right in.

  24. So neat and clever. Really gives the window the look of Spring.
    Have a great week, Ginger

  25. Michelle says:

    Hi ! I’m new to your blog….and I LOVE what you did with the Mason jars!! I’ve never seen a project using them in that way ! Can’t wait to check out more of your projects! Michelle : )

  26. Oh Linda,
    This really caught my eye~I just adore your window treatment!

  27. What a really great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us! I saw your post over at Flaunt It Friday blog party.

  28. So crisp, clean and fresh. Pinning this to my Mason Jar Board.

  29. Your photos are gorgeous. I have mason jars in my office window, too. Looks like I can switch the candles out for flowers for spring – cute.

  30. Love this idea, and I LOVE Mason Jars! Thanks for sharing at the TaterTots & Jello party =) PINNED

  31. This is so pretty! I just love this idea!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes
    PS-Would love to have you link this up to Saturday Sparks

  32. Huge impact! I LOVE it, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing this :)

  33. I’ve been reading through your mason jar posts. I’ve gotten behind on my blog reading lately, so it’s time to play catch-up. Your ideas and presentation are awesome. I think this window treatment is my favorite…or maybe the craft jar storage…wait a minute, it could be the sewing kit. Okay, I love them all!! I’m sorry about your hand injury. Ouch! I hope it is healing nicely, but I’m glad it inspired you to create these posts. I’ve been racking my brain as how to store certain items that are to big for my bead containers, but to small for boxes. So I am going to dig into my huge stash of jars and do this and copy your storage idea first. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it soon, with kudo’s to you of course my friend :)

    Keep those kiddos working (give them lots of praise) and keep the ideas coming! Have a great week!


  34. Love this fun window treatment! Very cute idea.
    Mary Alice

  35. WOW!!! Now that’s gorgeous! Soooo pretty!

  36. Wow! I love this idea!! So clever. It looks so dreamy and springy ;)
    Jamie @

  37. Oh I love this, I have one million mason jars and naked windows….thanks! Id love for you to share this at our linky party today!


  38. Wow, I absolutely love this! I currently have curtains hanging in my living room as a “test” run. I like the curtains but the window is so big that I feel that the middle needs something. This might just be the missing key! Thanks! :-)


  39. This is such a lovely treatment in front of the glass block window. I have the very same type of window in my dining room. I’m pinning this to try myself! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your creativity. Blessings, Patti@OldThingsNew

  40. So creative! Love it!

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