weight watchers stuffed shells


I had hoped to report that my “wear pants with a zipper” diet has been huge success …   That the pounds are just melting away … that I’ve rediscovered my waist …   that I’ve dropped a pants size …   And that I’ve shedded {autocorrect wants me to say shredded, which works too} […]

easy shrimp fried rice recipe


Sometimes I wish my kids were still little shrimps.  Back when I controlled their every move. I determined who they played with and when and where and how long.  I determined extracurricular activities like sports and music and art classes.  I knew every detail of their lives because I was the puppet master.  Pulling the […]

cooler corn


  There’s a phenomenon that happens every summer along the Lakefront in Chicago …     … and I’m not talking about the hordes of people who flock to the beaches in their swimsuits and flip flops and matching towels.   I’m talking about the hordes of people who flock to the green spaces surrounding […]

mom McGahan’s cranberry jelly

cranberry jelly recipe

This recipe dates back in my family to the McGahan’s and the Mahoney’s … and I’m not really sure how far back it goes … …all I know is it’s not Thanksgiving without mom’s cranberry jelly.  And since I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving at my mother’s home in more than a decade, I was force to […]