Thrift Store Vase Repurpose


In my heart of hearts I know I should be encouraging Spring to … well … spring forth.


I should be pushing for warmth. Prodding the grass to grow. Celebrating the melting of over 100 inches of snow …


and shaking my fists at gray, snow-cloud-filled skies that dare to drop flakes on our streets and lawns after the first day of Spring has passed.


And yet, here I stand (okay, technically I’m sitting) hoping for a few more weeks of cold.


Crazy, right? Clearly I’m in the minority …



Please don’t hate me. It’s not like I’m a big fan of the cold. Especially after this particularly brutal winter. Problem is, I’m not ready to give up the layers …


the protective layers upon layers …


that have been hiding (well, more like hiding in my mind’s eye) the 30 pounds I’ve packed on during this brutally cold winter.




Thirty pounds hurts.


And shows.


In the most unflattering a places.


Two weeks ago I took charge. Started a new diet. And things have been going well. But two weeks is just not enough time to make a dent. I’m still clinging on to my oversized hoodies. And puffy coat …


And that’s why I need a few more weeks of bundle up weather. To drop few more pounds. After which, hopefully, I’ll be ready to spring forth as a slimmer and trimmer me!


repurpose-thrift-store-vases-9 2

But I can’t ignore the calendar. And decided to add a bit of green to my indoor décor. With an easy vase repurpose.


I started with some thrift store vases I picked up for $1. Using some washi tape and stickers I created some polka dot and striped designs …


Next came the spray paint ..



Followed by the fun part …


Removing the stickers …


I just love a good reveal!



So while I work on getting my ‘outside’ ready for Spring …



… I think I’ll work on bringing some Spring ‘inside’ our home.


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  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas says

    Love what you had done to your vases and so very easy to do.
    Not to rub it in, but our yard needs to be mowed already and got over 160 onion sets planted Friday and all my roses have new growth on them so it’s going to start getting real busy for me working outside. Want to get some new strawberry plants planted yet. Will be planting them in an old gutter
    Have a fun and enjoyable day

  2. says

    They look adorable!!!! How on earth did you space your dots so evenly? LOL!

    With ya on the winter “fluff”. My daugter and I just made a deal to spend three weeks avoiding junk. And I put on self tanner yesterday (fat looks better with a tan!).

    (hugs), Julia

  3. says

    These are fantastic!! In the first picture I thought they were black dots and stripes…then later saw they were clear. I have about 6 of these vases from the Dollar Tree. I’m off for paint tomorrow!

    I totally identify with you on the layers, except my pounds have been creeping up on me for awhile. I started a low carb diet back in January and slowly but surely it’s coming off. I just wish it were warm enough to get out for a walk/run. And hey, we’re neighbors!! I live near Oak Lawn if you know where that is. Stop by (my blog!!) sometime! :)



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