it’s a cinch … and musings on martha

Sometimes I wonder what Martha Stewarts’s basement looks like …


Well, not present-day Martha with the empire and the Macy’s ads and the magazine and television shows.  I’m pretty sure present-day empire Martha has the world’s most fabulous basement.  With everything perfectly – and prettily – organized and labeled and tucked away out of sight.  And I’m pretty sure her basement has a screening room and a game room and maybe even her very own Starbucks, just like Tommy Lee …


I’m talking about the basement of the Martha before the empire.  When she was still starting out … building her brand … one craft at a time.  I can’t help but wonder if that Martha … pre-empire-Martha … had a slightly disorganized basement space filled with seasonal craft projects.


Say, for example, I wonder if you visited pre-empire-Martha’s basement you would’ve stumbled across some fake roses that had been spray painted …




Spray painted in Krylon’s metallic black in celebration of Halloween …




Spay painted with three-to-four coats of black metallic so they would become a permanent Halloween decoration …




… so she would never, ever be tempted to put them in a vase and display them on her coffee table.










After close to a year of blogging and crafting … and blogging about what I’m crafting … I’m beginning to gain a better understanding of what pre-empire-Martha’s basement may have looked like …




Filled with all her decorating faux pas desperately trying to get a new life with some spray paint… and maybe some glitter glue …


Now if I can just build my own empire so I can relegate all my crafts to a well-organized warehouse …




… after which I will begin drawing up plans for my very own basement Starbucks.


If you want even more basement-busting easy peasy craft ideas, some of my friends are sharing their projects here too …


 Its a Cinch October Pressed_Sugar_Letters (2)         It's a Cinch Book Page Pop-Up - Eclectically Vintage-2 (2) 

It's a Cinch champagne cork name card holder thumbnail (2)        It's a Cinch Andreas 250250-1 (2)

 … just click on the pictures for more.


P.S. Have you heard about the amazing Fall Spray Paint Link party? Click here for more ….



The party goes live on Friday, October 12 at 6 AM EST …


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  1. says

    I love the It’s a Cinch posts! Oh, Martha would surely cringe at my mismatched corner in the garage, but I love it. I can get paint on the floor, glue on my desk, and glitter all over the rug, and nobody cares.

    Love the roses and tin vases…so spooky and Halloweeny!

  2. says

    I have spray paint on my list, and I don’t even know what color or what I’m making. Or when I’m gonna have time. But gosh darn it, I bet in the depths of my basement helll there is something that can be revitalized with spray paint a’la Martha.


  3. says

    AWESOME!!!!! Perfect bouquet for Morticia!!!! : ) If Gomez had spray paint he might have actually left the flower on the thorn branch : ) You have created the perfect Halloween decoration…this praise has been brought to you by the Addams…HUG!!!! ps…Martha WHO???

  4. says

    Ok..this might not be appropriate but somehow I misread the beginning of your post and I thought it said “have you ever wondered what Martha’s boobs look like?” I thought…what is Linda up to now??!! It’s been a long day :)

  5. says

    Those flowers look amazing! I’ve been wanting to do something similar but wasn’t sure what kind of spray paint to use. You’re not a mind reader are you? Because you have just answered all my questions and everything I ever wanted to know about black roses….Krylon metallic black you say. I’m going to be all over this tomorrow! Thanks for the great post!!


  6. says

    I never thought to spray paint old silk flowers – that’s a great idea! I was going to ship all mine off to the Salvation Army, but maybe I’ll hang onto a few of them and give the spray painting thing a whirl :-)

  7. says

    Such a cute idea! I wish I had some fake flowers left. I got rid of them in a fit of cleaning out my craft supplies next year. Ugh, I hate when I clean out, then one year later have an idea of something for something I got rid of!!!

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