mason jar lid mini cheesecakes



Note to self: Do not go to the grocery store between 6–7 PM.  Not just because it’s crowded.  Because it is.  But because it’s crowded with the beautiful people …


You know those people, right?  The young.  The successful.  The 20- and 30-something career-oriented people.  People who just got off the “L” a few blocks away and swarm into the grocery store clad in their hound’s-tooth A-line swing coats and black tights and shiny black patent leather pumps with dazzling flowers on the toes …


They are definitely not wearing paint-splattered yoga pants and oversized fleece sweatshirts and Uggs.  Their hair isn’t in need of some styling.   And they definitely are not bare-faced.


No siree! They’re hair blows in the breeze like they just walked out of a shampoo commercial.  Their make-up is perfection even after a long hard day’s work.  Touched up in the bathroom before they left the office.  Lip gloss reapplied as the Brown Line pulled into the Southport Street station.


And no matter how anxious you are to try out a recipe idea that you are utterly convinced is brilliant times one hundred thousand to the tenth degree, you should resist that 6-7 PM grocery store trip.  Put it off until the morning.  After school drop-off.  When the grocery store is filled with like-minded and like-dressed make-up free stay-at-home moms ….


Because if you don’t, you will feel frumpy.  And dumpy.  And old.  And it might …. just might … put a damper on that brilliant times one hundred thousand to the tenth degree idea you have to make mini cheesecakes in mason jar lids.




You read that right.  Mason. Jar. Lids!


I mean, they’re like mini spring form pans.  How did I not see that earlier?


And for those of you who will point out that mason jar lids are not BPA free – therefore, baking on them is not recommended since those BPAs can leech into your food – I found a brilliant solution.  Turn that lid over and bake on  the aluminum side.  Like so …




Problem solved.  I think …?


I used this recipe that my mother and sisters and I have been using for close to three decades now …



 *Recipe yields about 20 mini cheesecakes

Before doing anything, be sure to grease the mason jar lids – the bottoms and sides.  This ensures the cheesecakes pop out easily …




I bake them all inside of a baking pan – so much easier to get in and out of the oven with no mess.




Personally, I think they can hold their own next to those beautiful people in the grocery story between 6-7 PM …





Mini Cheesecakes: Mason Jar Lid Cheesecakes

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  1. says

    This needs to be in the Foodie Hall of Fame….Fantastic!!…I can just see doing different flavors of cheesecake and offering them up on the same plate for guests!…Have to definitely do this for my next function!!…Thanks Linda and have a great weekend!!

  2. says

    Well shoot — your photography is no slouch either, Linda! These are GORGEOUS! Pinning this — gotta graduation coming up in May and I’m thinking these would be the perfect dessert. :)
    xo Heidi

  3. blissranch says

    I am pinning these. Never would of thought of this so keep the mason jar stuff coming. And I have found if you go to Walmart around the first of the month in the town the county seat is in, you feel like a well dressed beautiful woman. I’ve even been know to call home to announce I’m the best looking woman at Walmart that day!


  4. says


    What an awesome idea! I would have NEVER thought of this! Totally pinned!

    Have a great day rock star.

    :) me

    PS Knocked it out of the park with the photos again!

    • Merri Jo says

      ….comment cut off. These are so cute and you are SO clever. You are single-handedly responsible for the Ball jar phenomenon 2013!

  5. says

    Your brilliance never ceases to amaze me. Little tiny springform pans. These look incredible and your photos are perfection. Knocked this one out of the park my friend! Happy Weekend ~ Ann

  6. says

    Oooh. This would work for mini flourless chocolate cakes… I’ve been needing a springform pan for some time, but I have 100s of mason jar lids. Target had cases of Ball jars two years back for $3/case. Guess who stocked up?

    Sharing at Pinterest…love your photography, btw.

    *sidenote: I have a houndstooth a-line coat, but am a WAHM…so ? :) But the “L”…haven’t been on that in ages…

  7. says

    Wowza! Those look divine. I will most definitely give those a try – they look scrumptious and just the right size.

    I, too, wonder about things like BPA, etc, etc… I think that you would probably be safe with turning the mason jar lid over. Did you boil them before you used them as mini-springforms?

    (Your pictures are beautiful, by the way… your food is suddenly art!)

  8. says

    These are stunning to look at, quite delectable, and a must-try for me. Love the idea! And I love mason jars and have recently started collecting. Thank you! Visiting via Savvy Southern Style and a new follower.

  9. says

    HOLY COW!!! Who the heck cares about those ‘beautiful people’ because SURELY THEY don’t have cute, little, mini cheesecakes baked in Mason jar lids!! No siree! ADORABLE!!!!

  10. says

    You tell ’em, sistah!!! What the heck.. at the end of the day no one should be looking that good! LOL Actually, that is why, when I head downtown, I come back refreshed. I realize there are not many that sport the same style (?) as I do and perhaps I need to shape up! Trust me.. that feeling doesn’t last long. Too busy getting things done and working in my studio. Love this idea for the bite-sized cheesecakes! Can’t you see them at a little luncheon on the patio?

  11. says

    This is so incredibly awesome! LOVE IT and thanks for dropping by Junkin Joe …this is perfect…have to make these soon…then I will enjoy the 115 calorie margarita : ) LOL!!!! you know like having a sundae with a diet coke. hugs…


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