Mummy Mason Jars


Sometimes …


okay, often times …


inspiration comes from the most unlikely of sources.


Like fingernails.




Can you believe it?  And can you believe those mummy nails?  Wow!  I do not have the patience for that project


Which is why I chose a much larger canvas for my mummies …


mason jars …


mummy-mason-jars-painted-7 watermarked

When I saw those nails … and got inspired … I knew exactly how I would recreate those painted mummies on mason jars.  Because my friend and fellow blogger had inspired me with her rubber band and spray paint vase project



Using Spray Paint & Rubber Bands


Give your jars a coat of gold spray paint.  Let dry overnight.  Really.  Don’t rush it.  You may even need to give it more than one night …


Wrap with rubber bands.


Spray with black paint.  Let dry.


Remove rubber bands.  It’s a messy job.


And marvel at how terrible the lines look.  Touch up as best you can with some gold craft paint and a fine paint brush.


Improvise and use the back end of a sponge stamp brush thingy to make the whites of the eyes.


Eyeball (tee hee) the irises using black craft paint and a brush.  I went heavy with the paint and set the jars on their sides to dry.  I was worried about the eyeball paint dripping down the jar …


Adorn with whatever embellishments suit your mood …

mummy-mason-jars-painted-4 watermarked

I chose bats that I hot glued to wooden skewers.


And can I just say …


… that these jars are so stinking cute!

They make me Smile

Halloween Craft Idea with Mason Jars: Mummy Mason Jar

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  1. Susan says

    DISASTER, when I removed the rubber bands all the paint peeled off too, It was dry everything was dry , I was so disappointed.


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