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I may or may or may not be freaking out right about now.




In one week I have to turn in the book copy. Introductions and tutorials. With, hopefully, some wise and witty prose. Oh, and I’m trying to keep the snark away.


That’s a tough one for me.

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And let’s not forget the pictures. Pictures of tutorial steps. And beauty shot pictures. I’m still working on those …




Speaking of those beauty shot pictures  — beauty shots that are all book cover contenders — I may or may not have spent an hour searching for a red mini fig Lego arm for one. In a giant Tupperware box of little Lego pieces. Of all sizes. And shapes. And colors.  I’ll liken the search to the slots at Vegas. Each time I’m ready to throw in the towel, my mind keeps saying “just one more time” and “this next dive to the bottom of the box will certainly turn up that elusive red mini fig Lego arm”


And I forgot to mention we only have two red mini fig Lego arms. Out of the thousands upon thousands of teeny tiny Lego pieces we have in this house, we only have two red arms …




You can see why I’m freaking out, right?


Or perhaps I’m just losing my mind. Because I may or may not have sent an email to my neighbor with the craziest of all neighbor requests: Do you have a mini fig Lego red arm I could borrow? Just one. And don’t worry about the hands. I’ve got plenty of hands …




So why, you ask, am I here blogging today? I needed a break. A mental health break. And a break from mason jar crafting …


Hence, the tissue paper banner.


1 – cut 1/2 lengths of tissue paper; I used ten strips || 2 – fold in half  || 3 – twist strips || 4 – make a loop and tie with string

Then string it up …


Easy and inexpensive. Well, inexpensive for me since I already had all the materials on hand.



How To Make A Tissue Paper Banner

And now it’s time to go back to freaking out …


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P.S. This tissue paper banner is not a total disconnect from the book. The plan is to use it as a prop. For one of those beauty shots.


P.P.S. My neighbor pulled through with a red mini fig Lego arm. Now I have no excuse not to get back to work …


P.P.P.S. The book is now for sale! Click here for more …


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  1. says

    Next time you need a Lego minifigure arm, hit me up. We have a gazillon of them, in every color, and I spend about half my life taking them off and putting them back on. The rest of the time, I’m picking them up off the floor!

    Book deadlines are stressful, and definitely cause for a freakout. And I only speak from the experience of having to turn in a manuscript — not coupled with photos or tutorials. And mine were boring business books, nothing as fun as a mason jar book. (I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to read it. Galleys, please!)

    About that deadline…

    You’ll be crazy. You’ll be witchy. You’ll guzzle caffeine and wine. You’ll yell at your family. You’ll feed them cracker crumbs for dinner. But you’ll make it. And your people will still love you!

    • says

      Amy – thank you so much for your support! And we have a gazillion Legos too, which is why I was so surprised that we only had one red top! And as for dinner for the family this week, well, they’re all grown up now. Taller than me (and with nothing to do as it’s summer vacation) so they will have to pull their weight. I think it’s time for the teens to learn to fend for themselves! As I keep telling them, my summer doesn’t begin until July 2 … :) Linda

    • says

      LOL! You know those little Lego people, right? All their parts come apart. Heads. Hands. Arms. Legs. Hair. We have a container of just Lego body parts … 😉

  2. says

    Even though there are no children actually living in this house…I could have given you an “arm” maybe not a red one, but an “arm”..from my granddaughter’s vast collection here…I am so very proud and excited for you…you deserve that wonderful recognition and accolades from the book!…I know you…you will have it all together and it will be fabulous!!!…

  3. says

    I know you have been working hard, so I’ve stayed away so you can get stuff done. I don’t want to interrupt you till the gosh dammm book is done.
    Snark & Bliss

  4. says

    What a cute idea for a birthday or baby shower! Your post is so funny -thanks for making me smile today I think we can all relate to the momentary meltdowns LOL! Jennifer


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