always late … but never sorry

It seems I’m always late to the party.  Take Christmas day.  Our niece and nephew generously opened their lovely home to their large extended family.   I volunteered to bring an appetizer.  What was I thinking?  Me, the always-late-to-the-party-person bringing the appetizer?  It should come as no surprise that we arrived 45-minutes late.  Luckily we weren’t the only ones running late that day.


And then there’s this little show called Downton Abbey.  You may have heard of it?  That is, of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock.  Well, it finally showed up on Comcast Cable’s On-Demand menu last week.  Yet, once again, I was late to the party and had to settle for jumping on the bandwagon at Season 2, Episode 4.  I watched.  I was intrigued.  And I desperately needed to know Mary’s big secret.  So I gave myself an early Christmas present in the form of a Hulu Plus subscription and have been fully immersed in Season’s 1 and 2 for the past few days …


So it’s a good thing my daughter and I made our chocolate covered pretzel rods before I discovered the joys of Downton Abbey.  And, yes, I’m late to the chocolate dipped pretzel rod party as well …


How To Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe



We chose a selection of white and dark chocolate, along with sprinkles and candy canes …




… which were crushed using the bottom of a bowl.


We melted the chocolate in the microwave. In microwave safe bowls.  At 30-second increments.  It took a total of three 30-second increments until the chocolate was melted.  But not fully.  Chips could still be seen, but quickly dissolved when mixed with a spoon.


And then we dipped.  And sprinkled.  And drizzled …


chocolate_covered_pretzel_rods_with_sprinkles waterrmarked


Once cooled, we displayed in mason jars …


Chocolate and Candy Covered Pretzel Rods 4-5


… and shared on Christmas day with our niece and nephew and extended families.


chocolate-covered-pretzel-rods-with-sprinkles 2


I’m thinking in the future that this always-late-to-the-party-me should stick with desserts …


Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods


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  1. says

    Anyone can make chocolate pretzel sticks, but who thinks to put them in a mason jar with chocolate chips on the bottom, a cute tag and ribbon?? Not me! They look great Linda, and I’m sure your family was happy to have them (and you), late or not! And add me to the legion of DA fans…still working my way through season 2. Might have to go put it on right now! :)


  2. says

    Oh my gosh. Love the mason jar angle! Sounds like your Christmas was merry. I can’t think of a better way to spend your time than watching DA. I have been hopelessly obsessed since Season 1, Episode 1. Like the rest of America, I can’t wait for Season 3. Happy New Year Linda! p.s. are you up for some Pillowpalooza in January? We can throw our own party and I won’t even mind if you’re late.

  3. says

    YUM! Better late than never I always say! I have not watched that show but have heard of it.I don’t have time to commit to any show so I better not even start watching!

  4. says

    I was late to the Downtown Abbey party, too–only got to that one this past fall! Tried to devour them slowly but still tore through them quickly. (As I would do with those pretzels of yours.) Just this week we discovered Freaks and Geeks. I am not usually a LOL person (especially with TV), but I’ve been LMAO all week watching those. Missed it when it was on originally (1999) because I was in the thick of parenting toddlers. Think it’s probably funniest for those of us who were in high school in 1980.

    Glad you’re having good time with your family. And I always say good things are worth waiting for!

  5. Erin says

    We’re on the same page or living in a parallel universe. I descovered the same thing …only a couple episodes on Comcast and I too bought the (free trial) of hulu and JUST finished the last episode of season 2 (after staying up to 3a.m. last night watching up to season 2 episode 4). So I guess I’m ready for Jan 6 when the new season starts with me finally on board. Absolutely love it. I was late to the show on Gilmore Girls too. Started during season 4 then had to catch up in reruns on non network tv. Now I own all 7 seasons on DVD and have addicted many friends to it I forsee the same with Downton.

  6. says

    ah…. chocolate covered pretzel bliss! yours sure do look pretty. Hope you enjoyed christmas and that everyone enjoyed the pretzels. I have been under the weather for a week and just getting around to say hello. Happy new year my favorite friend from Chicago!

  7. says

    We are big fans of dipping, too
    Usually there are dipped Oreo’s, and those PB filled pretzel squares. We were going to dip Nutter Butters…but somehow they disappeared. (guilty)

    We are up to date on Downton Abbey. We’re current on Doc Martin. And, we’re in Season 3 of Kingdom.
    Have you tried Doc Martin and Kingdom yet?

  8. says

    Desserts are so much more fun anyway! And then if you get snowed in you get to eat it all yourself. I love chocolate dipped pretzels. I don’t know why I never make them. I used to make all my candy and cookies either black or white so I had the whole black and white thing for gifts. You aren’t the only one late to the Downton Abbey party. Except your ahead of me, I’ve haven’t even started yet. When you do the Hulu thing are there commercials? FYI, I’ve enjoyed your (and Mike’s) posts over Christmas. Sorry no comments. Did most of my blog reading while traveling on my phone – which struggles with the comments. Sometimes they send sometimes they don’t.

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