key lime squares…in a mason jar


The mason jar has become ubiquitous in our home.  They’re everywhere.  As in can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one everywhere …


And my family has become so accustomed to their presence, they no longer question my varied and increasingly bizarre mason jar projects … or my sanity.  And when I decide to serve them up a dessert or a meal in a mason jar, they simple shrug and grab a spoon …


But beyond the confines of our home?  Well, that’s a whole different world.


I’m not sure what my neighbors or friends or family members think about mason jars. If anything.  Though, I’m pretty sure they’re not painting and distressing them or dying them with food coloring


And every time I check out at the store with a case or two in tow, the clerks are always extremely curious about my plans.  And when I try to explain, I can see the giant question marks forming over their heads …


So when Mike and I were recently invited to a dinner party, I had the bright idea to making a dessert in a mason jar to bring along.  Knowing full well that our new friends would either think I was totally brilliant …


or a total nutcase.


And I didn’t start with a recipe.  No, I started with the cutest 1/2 pint mason jars I found at Target. And when I found a key lime pie square recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction I knew it would be perfect fit for those mini mason jars …


Key Lime Pie Squares … in a Mason Jar



2 cups finely crushed gingersnap cookies

3 TBS salted butter, softened


4 oz. cream cheese, softened

4 large egg yolks

14-oz can of sweetened condensed milk (not fat free)

1/2 cup key lime juice

2 tsp. lime zest (about one lime)


Start by pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees and greasing bottoms of mason jars.


To make the crust, I started with the gingersnaps and butter.  I zapped the butter in the microwave for 5 second intervals until softened ..




Then I crushed the gingersnaps until they were finely crushed.  You could use a food processor, but I don’t have one.  So I just put them in a Ziploc bag and beat them with a rolling pin …




I mixed the gingersnap crumbs with the softened butter by hand, and pressed into the bottoms of the mason jars …




,,. using the back of an ice cream scoop to press down in place.  I baked the crust for 8-10 minutes in the oven.


While the crust baked, I made the filling …




I started with the cream cheese first.  Then added in egg yolks one at a time. Once mixed, I added the condensed milk, lime juice, and lime zest until combined.  My final step was adding a bit of green coloring with the addition of some food coloring …

Key-Lime-Pie-Squares-In-Mason-Jar-Recipe-How-To-5   Key-Lime-Pie-Squares-In-Mason-Jar-Recipe-How-To-6


And then I poured it on top of the ginger snap crust and baked at 350 for 15-18 minutes …




I refrigerated them for a few hours before the party while I got  ready.  And with great trepidation I packed them up for their debut in the real world …

Key-Lime-Pie-Squares-In-Mason-Jar Recipe

And, yes, there were a few question marks forming over heads when I unpacked the desserts …


But they did become a topic of conversation …


,,, and, thankfully, everyone enjoyed not just the cute mini mason jar containers but the key lime bars contained within!


Key-Lime-Pie-Squares-In-Mason-Jar-recipe 2

Key Lime Pie in Mason Jar Recipe

I think I may have a convert or two into my not-so-secret mason jar lovers club


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      It’s been so long ago I can’t remember! I know that I made 8 for my dinner party and I know that I had a lot of extra key lime mix left over. With larger jars for 14 you might want to double depending on how much you want in each jar! It’s pretty rich stuff! :)


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