Paint’s Chips

money saving idea

Good morning to you all from a very chilly Chicago!   And when I say chilly, I mean bone-crushing-25-degree-below-wind-chill chilly.   I’ve had something on my mind this week. Something I need to share with you.   And get your input.   You see, as I was … [Continue reading...]

Chalkboard Wall Calendar DIY


This is the time of year when everyone is talking about trends. Trends in food. Trends in fashion. Trends in décor. And trends in the DIY world.   We’re looking ahead to 2015, making forecasts and predictions; and looking back at 2014, evaluating what worked …   and what … [Continue reading...]

Weight Watchers Fajita Recipe

fajita recipe

In addition to my renewed commitment to the blog, I’m also making a renewed commitment to my health.   And when I say health I really mean my waistline.  And my commitment is to reduce its size.   The health part will be an added bonus.   But it sounds so much more … [Continue reading...]

Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath

I know the holidays are over. The decorations are down and tucked away until next December.   And I know I should be looking forward ... not talking about a holiday that we shouldn’t even start to think about for another eight months or so.   But as I was creating this wreath – … [Continue reading...]

Saw Horse Desk How To

saw horse desk diy

Kevin at The Home Depot was my main man. He looked to be no more than 18- or 19-years-old. And to him I looked like an octogenarian. I know that because he was  surprised that I managed to get a giant sheet of plywood off the shelf and onto my cart.   And to be honest, I was surprised I … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips


Do you know what I like to do on Saturday mornings?   I like to read blogs with a warm cup of tea in hand. Lipton tea with milk. And one packet of Equal.   The house is quiet. The kids are upstairs sleeping, hours away from waking up. Mike is rustling around: wrangling laundry, … [Continue reading...]

The Year of The Blog


Too often I get swept up in the doing part, and forget about the thinking part.   You know, the part where you take a step back to look at the big picture.   The moment I hit publish on that very first blog post, I’ve been doing, doing, doing. All with very little thinking, … [Continue reading...]

2014 Year In Review


I’ve never been a Christmas letter writer. Mostly because it would bore my friends and family to tears.   Seriously.   We live a pretty dull life around here.   I’ve also never been a year-end recap blogger. Mostly because it would turn into a painful reminder of all … [Continue reading...]

Merry Christmas To You … And Me!

bokeh christmas tree camera settings

Happy holidays, my friends!   I want to send out a warm greeting on this chilly Chicago Christmas eve morning to thank you all for stopping by here and checking up on me and my home! Your kind comments and emails have filled my heart, make my days so much better …   and have … [Continue reading...]