Chandelier Stencil

chandelier stencil

You know that “Champagne taste on a beer budget” saying? Well, my daughter and I have chandelier dreams on a …   a …   a …   hmmm …   I can’t seem to come up with the beer to champagne equivalent in the realm of lighting.   Perhaps light bulb … [Continue reading...]

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

pin tuck white duvet cover

Sleep.   I’m a big fan. :) In my B.C. days – that’s Before Children days for those of you trying to figure out exactly how old I am – you would be hard pressed to see me before 10 or 11 AM on a weekend morning. Mike would have to rouse me with the promise of bacon. Or a Bloody … [Continue reading...]

The Year of the Blog: Month Two


February was the month ...   The month high school letters were mailed out.   Letters letting students know if their grade and standardized test scores and entrance exam results would qualify them for a much-coveted spot at one of Chicago’s Selective Enrollment high … [Continue reading...]

Pot O’Gold Giveaway

st. patrick's day giveaway

In the spirit of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday, I've joined forces with 22 bloggers to put together a Pot O'Gold giveaway event! And one lucky winner will receive a prize package valued at $500+ from 10 very generous sponsors … ... a prize package that includes: $50 Ace Hardware Gift … [Continue reading...]

Inspired by … Spring

mason jar vase

I am under no illusion that Spring will arrive anytime soon in Chicago. Not when the wind chills are clocking in at below zero as I type this …   In fact, Spring in Chicago is an oxymoron. It’s a fleeting event. Arriving in bits and spurts. A warm day here. A sunny week there. … [Continue reading...]

Dreaming Of A Master Bath Remodel …

gold master bathroom

Product Source: Decor Planet   There are spaces in my home that will never make an appearance on this blog.   The basement, for one. Well, the ‘old’ basement area. And the laundry cave in the ‘old’ basement. It’s a space in our 120-year-old home that truly shows its … [Continue reading...]

So I Married A Creative ______________


My better half is taking over the blog today to dish on me and my never-ending DIY/crafting/mason jars projects …  1.  What is your favorite project Linda has done, and why? I was really impressed with all the board ‘n’ batten she’s done in the front hall, the ‘powder room’ and the dining room … [Continue reading...]