Mason Jar Sewing Kit

mason jar craft idea sewing kit

I was digging through the blog’s archives looking for something to share today …   the planned sponsor post has been delayed …   and I realized something.   And it wasn’t good.   As far as the blog goes, last year was a bust. I was just limping along. … [Continue reading...]

Hydrangea Wreath: How To Make

spring wreath ideas using faux hydrangea

To create this hydrangea wreath, I first had to collect my supplies from my car ...   because, somewhere along the line, my car has become yet another space where I store craft supplies. And Etsy shop supplies ...   and the simple act of running out the car had me longing for … [Continue reading...]

31 Days of Color: The Perfect Gray

teen girl bedroom ideas

I worked with my first design client last month.   My daughter.   And let me tell you, she was one tough customer. Full of ideas. And strong opinions.   Which was a challenge for me. Because, up until last month, I was flying solo when it came to redesigning this house. … [Continue reading...]

Dirty Little Secrets …

house cleaning organizing tips

I realized, after the fact, that my graphic calls out all diy bloggers.   I didn't mean to.   And that it seems like I’m introducing some type of multi-blogger confessional.   I’m not.   The only dirty little secrets I’ll be sharing here are my own. … [Continue reading...]

Pot Of Gold Topiary

how to make topiary

Today may be St. Patrick’s Day, but in Chicago the celebrating started on Saturday morning ...   the dyeing of the Chicago River green ...   the parade …   and the bar hops.   The revelers get an early start on Saturday morning too. Like 10 and 11 AM … [Continue reading...]

Gold Bed Frame … Spray Painted!

spray paint a bed frame gold

If you’re ever in the middle of a project and run out of liquid nails, just use toothpaste.   That’s right. Toothpaste.   Because toothpaste has some serious staying power. I know, first hand. Because this past weekend I ventured into the kid’s bathroom …   armed … [Continue reading...]