Irish Coffee Mugs

st. patrick's day craft

I have my fair share of Irish running through my veins. And I’ve had my fair share of St. Patrick’s Day celebrating in my 20s. You know, to celebrate my heritage …   with a bar crawl.   Because that’s the best way to celebrate the sainted man who drove the snakes from … [Continue reading...]

Purple Girl Room: The Before

purple bedroom

Purple and I go way back …   way, way back to the One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater.   That song brings me way, way back to memories of my sister Janet. And in my memory, Janet played the role of the Purple People Eater. And I the one asking not to be … [Continue reading...]

Valentine Craft Ideas

valentine's day crafts

My daughter asked the other day if I had maintained  friendships with the boys I dated.   Can we pause for a moment at boys, plural?   She's under the impression I had a lot of dates and boyfriends. Which was not the case. Mostly because I’m picky …   and was … [Continue reading...]

Cotton Stems … And I’m A Dork

cotton stem arrangement

I’m a dork.   I got silly excited when my package from Magnolia Market landed on my front porch. Like giddy silly. Like my heart skipped a beat silly …   I told you, total dork.     And when I opened that package to unearth my new cotton stems amongst a … [Continue reading...]

The Year of the Blog: Month One


This is one of those blog posts that’s probably more for me …   … than you.   It’s one of those write-things-down-in-an-attempt-to-hold-me-accountable posts.   After all, I did start 2015 with a huge proclamation about how this would be the year of the … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

mason jar valentine craft ideas

According to my very own very unscientific study, gold decor is gaining in popularity. I know a lot of bloggers started to embrace gold over the past few years. Myself included (here and here).   But now gold has gone mainstream ...   tickling the fancy of the … [Continue reading...]

Paint This! Builder Grade Cabinets

paint builder grade cabinets in kitchen white and gray grey

1. Remodelando la Casa  |  2. The Lettered Cottage  | 3. Better After  | 4. Fisherman’s Wife Furniture  | 5. Jennifer Rizzo  |  6. Two Twenty One  |  7. Skies of Parchment  |  8. Amanda Rapp Design  |  9. Danielle Oakey Interiors  |  10. Chris Kauffman  |  11. Sarah’s Big Idea  |  12. My Uncommon … [Continue reading...]

Vintage Look Crate DIY


I made a very important discovery this week.   Was it earth-shattering?   Not really.   Did it rock my world?   Not quite.   Will it forever change the way I blog?   Perhaps.   You see, I discovered that just about anything … [Continue reading...]

Easy Game Day Ideas

football party table ideas

WE ARE …   Oh, wait, those bowl games are over.   Though, I’m glad they finally changed up the rules and pitted winning team #1 again winning team #2. I never understood how the bowl line-ups were determined …   and why one bowl decided which team would be national … [Continue reading...]