Weight Watchers Ice Cream

pictures of ice cream bars

This post brought to you by Weight Watchers® Ice Cream. The content and opinions expressed below are that of It All Started With Paint. You know how I've declared this The Year of the Blog. Well,I've also declared it The Year I Get Healthy.   Hence all the Weight Watchers recipe ideas … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

DIY Wall Art Ideas With Paint

I am a bi-product of the Golden Age of Television.   I am an advertiser’s dream …   and a parent’s worst nightmare.   From that first episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood watched sitting crossed legged on the floor with my nose pressed against the Zenith television console, I … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

Dry Roasted Almonds Recipe

Tonight it all comes to an end. The end of an era.   The Mad Men series finale.   I, along with every other fan on the internet, have so many questions about how it will all end. And have been pouring over the many, many theories online ...   Will Don Draper throw … [Continue reading...]

On the Fence

board-batten-living-room (2 of 27)

  This is how my living room has looked for the past few months.   Okay, not exactly like this ...   That look is unrealistically neat and organized for everyday life here at Paint.   Sure, there are green accents to celebrate Spring, like these polka … [Continue reading...]

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

stuffed peppers recipe

  I can count on one hand the number of times bell peppers have crossed the threshold of our home over the past 20 years.   It was not my decision. Okay, perhaps a decision was made by me. But it was out of love.   You see, Mike is not a fan. And by not a fan I mean … [Continue reading...]

Paint’s Chips

Homemade Bath Salts Lavender Mint

  Homemade lavender & mint bath salts recipe can be found here: Mason Jar Crafts Love.   Happy Mother's Day weekend!   Don't you love how I took a day and turned into a weekend?   You're welcome! :)   And with the strike a few keyboard keys, … [Continue reading...]

Teen Girl Room: Sources

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Gray, White & Aqua

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not a winger.   As in a winging things winger.   I'm a planner. A list maker. A researcher. A ponderer. A debater. A shop around to try and find it cheaper-er. I'll spend hours thumbing through magazines and catalogs and Google … [Continue reading...]

Mason Jar Mixed Drink Mixers

mason jar mixed drink mixers

Last weekend we were treated to a hard-earned taste of Spring. The skies were blue and the temperatures demanded shorts and flip flops and short-sleeved tops ...   ... along with leg shaving and toe nail painting. ;)   But the best part? Flinging the windows open wide and … [Continue reading...]

The Graduates


You know how people are always telling you to enjoy your kids when they're little because before you know it they'll be all grown up ...   in the blink of an eye?   And you think, yeah, yeah. That won't happen to me.   Because in the moment when you're changing their … [Continue reading...]