Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos: Easy Recipe Using Tilapia

Birthdays around here are celebrated with a dinner out. Birthday celebrant's choice. And being creatures of habit, we always tend to end up at the same place. The only time we change venue is when we're forced to ...   like when our favorite-within-walking-distance restaurant … [Continue reading...]

How To Add Height To Kitchen Cabinets

How To Add Height To Kitchen Cabinets: No Power Tools Needed

I may have mentioned once or twice -- or ten plus times -- that I was born and raised in New Jersey. Northern New Jersey, to be specific. In a town filled with malls. In the 60's and 70's and 80's.   And I'll freely admit I fell victim to the fashion trends of the 60's and 70's and 80's. … [Continue reading...]

Fall In The Living Room: Navy & Brown

Fall Decor Ideas Using Navy & Brown

  It took a long time this year for me to fully embrace summer. It was well into July before I shared my pasty white legs with the world, and that's only because I was forced to. You just can't wear long pants in Florida in July.   Trust me, I tried. And it wasn't pretty. Pasty … [Continue reading...]

Dog Days of Summer …

Iams Visible Differences: Dog Health With Iams

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iams for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Raise your hand if your Facebook newsfeed has become your primary source of news.   And I'm not just talking about first day of school news. Or friends with birthday news. But bonafide real … [Continue reading...]

Summer Vacation

Screen Porch in Navy and White Decor

    Vacation time is reading time. And this year, I introduced my 18-year-old son to David Sedaris. And in doing so, I reintroduced myself to David Sedaris.   Nice to meet you again, David Sedaris. And thank you for making me laugh and mutter and shake uncontrollably … [Continue reading...]

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Mason Jar Crafts: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Blue Mason Jar

Sometime in mid-June I lapsed into vacation mode. Which was odd, because I wasn't on vacation.  That was still over a month away.   But somehow ... inexplicably ... when the kids finished school, I clicked into island time.   I'm lucky if I make my bed each day. And feed the … [Continue reading...]

Wrigley Field

Mason Jar Craft: Baseball Uniform Mason Jar

My son has been hard at work looking for a part time job this summer. To earn some cash for college.   And when I say working hard I really mean his mother has been prodding and poking and pestering him to walk the streets handing out resumes, and submitting online applications to the big … [Continue reading...]