fall(ing) in love … with spray paint

Dear Mayor Emmanuel,


Now that the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike has been settled, may I turn your attention to a new pressing issue?


A pressing issue that affects all Chicago residents …


A pressing issue that has revenue producing possibilities for our budget-challenged city …


A pressing issue that is near and dear to my heart … and my home.


You see, I’ve recently discovered the many joys of spray paint.  The ease of use.  The no brush marks.  The durable finish.  The super simple clean-up.  I’m sold.


And therein lies the pressing issue that needs to be fixed.  Pronto.  That whole you can’t buy spray paint within the city of Chicago limits …


I mean, seriously.  Look at me.  I’m a 49-year-old woman.  I certainly won’t be tagging any garages.  And I’m certainly not some mule who’ll buy spray paint for those garage-tagging gang bangers …


But as it stands, to indulge in my newest spray paint passion I have to travel to the suburbs.  And I’m suburb-challenged.  I get lost.  I waste gas.  I get frustrated and give up …


Lucky for me Krylon came to the rescue for my latest spray paint project.  I didn’t have to risk getting lost in the suburbs because the nice folks at Krylon sent a box filled with spray paint right to my front door …


So that I could create a fall-themed project …


A project that features some dryer vent pumpkins. Made with two sizes of dryer vents.  The 3” and the 4” diameter vents that were cut with scissors and wire cutters …




… and formed into a circle and secured with hot glue.


And then the fun began.  In the form of Krylon Rust Protector in gloss black and flat white …



The Rust Protector was a must …



… because those dryer vent pumpkins I made out of dryer vent aluminum and wire  …



Well, they’re going to be part of a much larger outdoor-spray-painted fall-themed-display ….



… an outdoor-spray-painted fall-themed-display that I’ll be unveiling at a special Fall in Love … with Spray Paint link party on Friday, October 12 …


Fall in Love with Spray Paint Party Button


It’s a link party I’m co-hosting with three fabulous bloggers:  Kari from Thistlewood Farm, Laura from Top This Top That, and Laura from Finding Home


Thumbnail.Garden_Gate_Mantel (2)    Thumbnail.Fall In Love Spray Paint Project Preview 2 (2)    Thumbnail.2012-09-231 (2)


… and a link party sponsored by the fabulous folks at Krylon.


Oh, and it’s a contest too.  A contest voted on by you, my blog readers.  Four winners from the link ups will be chosen by you …


… and I’m thinking there might just be something in the form of free spray paint in the prize package from Krylon …


… just saying …




So go forth.  Create a fall-themed spray paint project.  And come back at 6 AM EST on Friday, October 12 and link up.  Or you can link up on the 13th or 14th or 15th or 16th too … the party rages on until midnight on the 16th.


Oh, and Mayor Emmanuel?  Feel free to create your very own fall-themed spray paint masterpiece and link it up here too.  Only thing, you’ll need to travel to the suburbs to get your spray paint.  Hope you don’t get lost …



P.S. If you looking for some spray paint inspiration click here … and if you want to save and share that inspiration, click here …  and if you’re looking for spray paint Pinspiration then click here …


P.P.S.  If you have some inspirational spray paint projects of your own that you’d like to share, then click here.  And when you’re there be sure to enter Krylon’s Make it Gr8 in 8 Sweepstakes.  The Grand Prize is pretty cool … can you say rider mower … and patio furniture … and grill …?


P.P.P.S.  While the link party is sponsored by Krylon … and the contest is sponsored by Krylon … and, technically, this post is sponsored Krylon … any opinions I expressed about Krylon and Krylon’s Rust Protector spray paint (which, by the way, worked fabulously great in eight) are my very own …




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  1. Yay, can’t wait to see it all! That is crazy that you can’t buy spray paint, but I’ve been “carded” before while buying spray paint here!! Thought it was funny that I could’ve bought ammo with no i.d., but spray paint? Yowza. Krylon to the rescue!
    xo Heidi

  2. Forgot to ask what you used to connect the ends? Hot glue? Fairy dust? :-)

  3. Oh you are working your magic again….those pumpkins are the best…I am glad that Krylon sent you those paints and even happier that they weren’t confiscated from your front porch…I am assuming the box of paints were sent under “disguise”…So the hot glue really holds them together…fantastic!….

  4. FUN!! I, too, heart spray paint!

  5. Those are so cute! I love it when projects are made from unexpected stuff that can be found at Lowes!!! Great job – I like spray paint too – if I can pull myself away from my new passion for ASCP

  6. These are so cute! What a great idea!

  7. The Mayor says he is not re-elected he is going to work a kiosk on the corner of Upper Michigan avenue in front of Marshall Fields and start selling spray paint. I just love those pumpkins!!

  8. um…can you say AWESOME!!!!!! LOVE this project! well here in wayne, nj — we have to show our drivers license — get the store manager and have them unlock the steel grated door that holds the SPRAY PAINT!!!! you almost feel like you are committing a crime when you buy it : ) lol!!!! your project is marvelous and keep on spraying!!!! hugs

  9. OH Linda, first of all I wish to offer you my condolences! you can’t buy spray paint within the city limits? what has become of this once fine city, i ask you? (read… hanging head in shame!) Yes you have become acquainted with my “addiction”… in fact certain individuals who will remain nameless (my children!!) have accused of of being willing to spray paint them if they stayed still long enough… hmph. A fall project??? This is going to be tricky but I think I have just the ticket….. Have a wonderful day! and I dearly love your dryer vent pumpkins!

  10. Those are too cute! I just can’t seem to jump on the spray paint wagon! The few times I’ve tried it always came out looking like crap!

  11. such cute pumpkins!
    Way to be an advocate for city dwellers everywhere that don’t enjoy the convenience of being able to buy spray paint near their homes too!

    …hope that works out in our favor. :)
    don’t forget to vote!


  12. Sounds like fun! I may have a spray paint project or two up my sleeve…

  13. What a cute idea. I love it!


  14. Look at you Ms Big Time Blogger :). Krylon couldn’t have picked a better blogger to reach out to. Spray paint may be available in the burbs BUT they’ll still card you, at check out :) Looking forward to being inspired by your link party.

  15. You are brilliant, my friend! Best pumpkin project I’ve seen this year!


  16. Totally love those pumpkins Linda – so glad to be working on this with you!

  17. These are darling! I especially like the metallic looking black one. Very cool.

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  18. How creative is that! Love it! Spray paint is just amazing isn’t it?

  19. I had no idea Chicago didn’t sell spray paint!! I guess that tells you how un-artsy I am, right? I will never understand why gov’t can’t understand that bad guys always get what they need, while crafty people are left to get lost in the suburbs.

  20. Love those dryer vent pumpkins.I cant believe they have a restriction on selling spray pain, so weird.

  21. SUPER FUN :) I’ll be there!

  22. Beth McHale says:

    I feel your pain! 8 years ago I lived in Chicago and hated having to drive to the ‘burbs for my spray paint. So happy that I only have to go a few blocks now!

  23. A fall spray paint project huh…. Hmmm mm, well I already have dryer vent pumpkins so I wonder what else i can come up with?


  24. These are the cutest things ever! I am super craft-challenged but I think even I could do this! :) Stopping by from Tackle It Tuesday! :)

  25. Fun!

  26. I love your pumpkins! Hugs. Penny

  27. Love the pumpkins – they are really cute!

  28. what a wonderfully clever idea………….just showed it to my hubby and definitely want to try it.
    So adorable.
    Blessings for a wonderful Fall,.

  29. Your pumkins are too cute girl!!

  30. oh my goodness that is too funny – - you seriously are banned from buying any spray paint in the city? What has our world come to?!?! :) In any case, the pumpkins are adorable!

  31. I’ve heard of using dryer vents for pumpkins…but somehow have missed them in internet land. Going through PA {Pinterest Anonymous}
    Anyway…I would love to invite you to Homa Style’s No Orange Autumn Display Link Party going on now. Here’s the link…
    Hope to see your dryer vents there!

  32. C’mon out to Wheaton–Iits in craft, hardware, even grocery stores!! Although you couldn’t purchase any alcoholic beverage here until 1985. :-)

  33. Megan @ The Pink Flour says:

    What a cute and easy project! Love it! I can’t believe you can’t buy spray paint in Chicago…and I thought it was bad enough that I have to find a store associate to open the locked cage.

  34. What a lovely pumpkin project, Linda–I never would have thought to use a dryer vent! I threw some away this summer when we replaced our old dryer–who knew?? Looking forward to the link party on the 12th!

  35. Ooh. I am marking the calendar for this party, and I’ll include it in my 31 days for Nester: Halloween!

    BTW: There’s a Michaels’ in Norridge {a small NW suburb that’s nestled in the far NW side} that sells spray paint. Not that far from you. Just get off the Kennedy at Harlem. Go South a few miles. It’s not far from where I am in the city. And I’m like 15 min from you. Go at night. :)

    That spray paint ban has been in effect for at least 20 years. When tagging was REALLY bad in the 90s…

  36. Your dryer vent pumpkins are so much better than my scrap fabric pumpkins. Mine have ran back in the sewing box, back in the plastic bag bin and the stuffing hopped in the bag and headed back Walmart hoping for a trip to the Wendy City!

  37. I’ve been wanting to try those dryer vent pumpkins for a couple of years! I’ve seen several of the white ones and I just love them. Hope your display turns out just as you like it!

  38. So cute! I have one of these pumpkins in orange but I LOVE the black and white! I’ll have to make some more!

  39. Thank you so much for linking to Homa Style’s No Orange Autumn Display Link Party. Dryer vent pumpkins…wow! I was excited to show it to my readers. Homa Style will be hosting a Simple Holiday Handmade Gift Idea Link Party {Please no sale items} on Oct 31. Hope to see you there. Thanks again!

  40. Here is WA state, they are supposed to check our ID’s to make sure we’re over 18. lol I don’t really get checked anymore….go figure.

    That’s crazy that they banned it. Didn’t your garage get tagged awhile back? I guess the ban didn’t work.
    I have a “un-posted” spray paint project almost ready! Your party will get me to finish it!

  41. LaWana Whitley says:

    OMG! I have called my husband the “King of Krylon” for years!! He says if it sits still, I will have him paint it!!! From my Black Sleigh Bed to baskets galore…..we have always loved Spray Paint.

  42. You are so clever! I love this. My weekly linky party–One Creative Weekend–has gone spooky this week in honor of my thirteenth party. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit “One Creative Weekend” on OneCreativeMommy.com (open every Fri-Wed) and link up this idea and anything else you’d like to share. (You can include non-Halloween posts as well, but feel free to link up as many Halloween-themed posts as you like.) There are two categories—one for Halloween and one for everything else.

  43. I like this idea so much that I pinned it and shared the pin on my Facebook Page. Please stop by OneCreativeMommy.com and grab a featured button.

  44. Love this idea!

  45. I really must try this one. I don’t do Halloween but I can do pumpkins, Those are adorable, I would use those all year. Well, maybe not but I would be tempted. Thanks for the great idea and instructions

  46. Love this!!!! I’ll have to make some this weekend!!! Stopping by from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff’s linky party!

  47. Hi Linda, these are fabulous! Good luck with the spray paint, I live in the burbs and had no idea things were THIS bad…

    But seriously, very nice post and have a great day! Nancy

  48. Those are the cutest things! Way to upcycle!!!!! :)

  49. These are the best I have seen! I love that you sprayed them black and white! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this idea with us.

  50. Amazing! These are beautiful! I can’t believe you started with a dryer vent ;)

  51. kleinworthco says:

    Seriously- SO CLEVER!!!!! I love it!

  52. SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I’d love for you to visit my blog.

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  53. Great prohect!!

  54. So cute! I just pinned these!!!

  55. So easy and cute! I just made two of them for 2.99$. It took about 5 mins.

  56. So stinking creative. I Love, Love, Love it. Rhonda

  57. Just love dryer vent pumpkins! See mine here http://clustres.blogspot.com/2010/10/white-pumpkinsrevisited.html

  58. I have a special Halloween spotlight running today and I’ve featured your project.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creation at homework.

  59. This is the most adorable halloween project I have seen in a long time. Pinned!

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