The Etsy Shop: Car in Jar Kit

snow globe mason jar

  I’m sitting her watching a Sex and the City repeat as I pack up painted mason jar orders. It’s the series finale and Carrie’s in Paris with Mikhail Baryshnikov. And it dawns on me (once again) that Carrie is a self-involved whiner.   Now don’t get me wrong. I love, love SATC. It’s an […]

Paint This! 30+ Lamp & Light Fixture Makeovers


I’m so excited!   I’ve made a decision. A BIG decision that feels like I’ve lifted giant boulder off my shoulders.   A BIG decision that is so freeing, so invigorating …   so  … so …   exciting, for want of a better word.   I came to this decision on Friday. In truth, […]

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

smoothie recipe

  I’ve been a self-proclaimed Elvis girl from the moment I finished watching Girls! Girls! Girls!   And my love for the King of Rock and Roll was only cemented with Viva Las Vegas. And Follow That Dream. And Blue Hawaii. And The Trouble With Girls …   … and let’s not forget Fun in […]

$200 Ace Gift Card Giveaway

ace hardware

From the very beginning …   from the very first time I hit publish on that very first post …   this blog has been all about me, me, me.   My home.   My canvas.   My room remodels. My crafts. My before & afters. My holiday projects. And, from time to time, my […]

Chia Pudding

chia recipe

My sister Carol is my health and beauty advisor. Even though we live thousands of miles apart … and don’t get to see each other often  … our conversations always tend to veer toward her giving me advice and tips on healthy eating and healthy living and healthy skincare.   She is a nurse, after […]

Gold In The Kitchen

gold kitchen faucet

Delta Trinsic Faucet (center) // Nautical Bathroom // The Hunted Interior’s Chalkboard Wall in Kitchen // White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Pulls // The Lettered Cottage’s How to Add Height to Builder Grade Cabinets // The Lettered Cottage’s Chalkboard Wall in Kitchen // Life in Grace’s Brass Pendant Lights // Blue-Gray Glass Backsplash […]

Summer, Interrupted


This summer has been fraught with challenges.   It started with the book deadline. Looming large in June. A July 1 submission date. So I postponed summer until July 2. Disregarded the calendar and the weather. Fully intending to emerge fresh and ready and victorious on July 2. Ready to visit our city’s sites. Homegrown […]

Tissue Paper Banner

banner how to

I may or may or may not be freaking out right about now.   Seriously.   In one week I have to turn in the book copy. Introductions and tutorials. With, hopefully, some wise and witty prose. Oh, and I’m trying to keep the snark away.   That’s a tough one for me. And let’s […]

Flip Flop DIY

flip flop switch flop

Once upon a time I had a bit of a shoe thing. Some might call it a fetish. Others an obsession.   Me? I called it options … At the bottom of my closet sprawled a selection of pumps and wedges, boots and ballet flats, sandals and peep toe shoes. Nowhere as extensive as the […]

The Book Deal


The headline pretty much says it all, right?   Yes, there is a book deal. And no, it’s not for my YA fantasy fiction novel that I wrote seven years ago …   I wish.   It involves crafts using a particular glass vessel that some use for canning and preserving food.   Now, I’ve […]

The Screen Porch

navy white fabric

Summer arrived in Chicago with a vengeance.   There was no save the date card sent out months in advance. There was no phone call announcing it’s arrival. There was no gentle knock on the door asking if it could come in for a visit …     Oh no.   Summer blew in here […]

Weather Talk & Touches of Spring

blue green living room

I really don’t want to talk about the weather.   It’s so boring.   It’s hot in the summer. It’s cold in the winter. Surprise, surprise.   Summer can’t come soon enough. Summer can’t be over soon enough. Winter is too harsh. Winter is too mild. I wish it would snow on Christmas. I wish […]

Cracked Marble Jewelry

cracked marble

This blog post and cracked marble jewelry project  first appeared on Made From Pinterest. As a teenage girl growing up in Paramus, New Jersey I worked at the mall. As did many of my high school classmates. Paramus Park Mall was legendary in New Jersey. It may have even been one of the first enclosed […]

It’s The Little Things | Take 2

diamond ring

I was in the kitchen the other day making a snack when I spotted the 12-pack of caffeine free Diet Coke. Nestled in an awkward spot between the radiator cover and the refrigerator …   its designated resting place.   My husband picked up that 12-pack of caffeine free Diet Coke for me earlier in […]

It’s The Little Things & Lemon Sorbet

lemon sorbet recipe no ice cream maker

Twenty years. That’s a long time.   A really long time.   It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that 20 years ago today Mike and I tied the knot.   Today.   May 21.   In Larchmont, NY.   20 years ago!!!   No surprise, our wedding has been on my […]

Painted Sneakers

paint shoes

Before we get to this amazing project from Sherri at Made From Pinterest – and I know you’re itching to get the details – I have to tell you a few things. A bit of housekeeping, if you will …   1. The lovely Kim at Savvy Southern Style invited me to share my favorite […]

Faux Grain Sack Pillows

grain sack pillow

Do you remember that game from Kindergarten… and Highlights magazine … where you were asked to pick the one thing that doesn’t belong with the others?   Yes?   Well, that’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling on the first Wednesday of the month at the Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse party. Like the circled one that […]

Windows & Window Treatments & A $500 Gift Card Giveaway

curtain ideas

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Integrity Windows and Doors . All opinions are 100% mine. Source:   Ruffled Curtain at Primitive & Proper | Bamboo Blinds at | Stenciled Curtains at Proverbs 31 Girl | Sheers at The Lettered Cottage |  Flowing Drapes at Design Indulgence | Chevron Drapes […]

Blue & Brown Décor. Yes? Or No More?

blue brown bedroom

Sometimes …   just sometimes …   if you wait around long enough, what’s old becomes new again. And suddenly you find yourself back in fashion again.   Well, sort of …   Take bangs, for instance. They’re experiencing a surge of popularity. Again.   Me? I’ve been sporting bangs since 1965.   Then there’s […]

A Kick In The Pants, Take 2


If this blog was a corporation — and I just a cog in the wheel helping to run said corporation – I would have been fired.   Like six months ago.   My list of fire-able offenses include missed deadlines. Showing up late for work. Or not showing up at all. And, my latest blunder […]