Easy Game Day Ideas

football party table ideas

WE ARE …   Oh, wait, those bowl games are over.   Though, I’m glad they finally changed up the rules and pitted winning team #1 again winning team #2. I never understood how the bowl line-ups were determined …   and why one bowl decided which team would be national champions. And that bowl […]

Purple Mason Jar Giveaway

purple mason jar giveaway

Just popping in on a Sunday morning to let you know I’m giving away two cases of purple mason jars on the other blog, Mason Jar Crafts Love.   One winner will get a six-pack of pints (above); the second will get a six-pack of quarts …   Click here to enter … Linda

Weight Watchers Soup Recipe

weight watchers recipe

I need your help. Your wisdom. Your guidance.   You see, I need to instill self-confidence in my teen daughter. Only problem: I had zero self-confidence when I was a teen. A problem only exacerbated by my six-foot-tall-model-thin-chiseled-cheeked-beauty of a best friend.   Who, by the way, had her own deep-seated insecurities; but that’s a […]

Etsy Shop Interruptus

valentine gift idea

I had a master plan for the blog. A plan that forced me to sit down and think about what types of posts I would create each month. Like the Saturday Paint’s Chips musings and bi-monthly Paint This! round-ups.   I also thought I would take one day each month to cross-promote my Etsy shop. To […]

Clothespin Heart Wreath

valentine craft idea wreath using clothespins

I was looking through my “draft” posts and came across a Valentine’s Day project that I never published here …   and I got so excited!   I’ll equate my excitement with the feeling you get when you wear your winter coat for the first time in a new season and reach into your pocket and find […]

Cake Banner for Valentine’s Day

valentine day cake banner

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Mike and I are regulars.   Modern-day Norms.   We truly like to go to places where they know our name.   Sure, our regular haunts have evolved over the years, as our lives have evolved.   As well as the lives of others, for that matter … […]

Paint This! Chalkboard Walls in Office Spaces

chalkboard wall ideas

Sources (from top to bottom, left to right): Icing on The Cake | It All Started With Paint | Design Sponge | Jones Design Company | House Seven | No. 29 Design | Country Living | Inspired By This | Smitten Studio | 1 Kind Design   I wonder if my love of chalkboard walls stems from my love of school.   Yes, I was that nerdy girl who truly loved to learn. […]

Mr. & Mrs. Forks

Valentine craft ideas

I may or may not have a full set of forks with various stages of stamps and scratches. An “M” here and a faint “MR” there. And maybe an “M” and an “R” followed by an upside down “S” …   And when I say may not, I really mean may.   Just another example of […]

How To Hang Shutters … Indoors

how to hang shutters

In what feels like a million years ago, I pulled a pair of shutters out of my next door neighbor’s garbage.   Okay, it’s not like they were inside the garbage can covered in cat food and used tissues. They were leaning up against the garbage can. Leaning in a way that said take me, […]

Mason Jar Art & A Free Printable

free valentine day printable

I realize I should be talking about the picture above. The mason jar clip art I’ve “framed” and hung on clipboards in my basement work space. But I have other things on my mind this Monday morning.   More pressing things.   You see, I fear Chicago is beginning to lose some of its street […]

Paint’s Chips

money saving idea

Good morning to you all from a very chilly Chicago!   And when I say chilly, I mean bone-crushing-25-degree-below-wind-chill chilly.   I’ve had something on my mind this week. Something I need to share with you.   And get your input.   You see, as I was wishing someone a ‘Happy New Year’ in an […]

Chalkboard Wall Calendar DIY


This is the time of year when everyone is talking about trends. Trends in food. Trends in fashion. Trends in décor. And trends in the DIY world.   We’re looking ahead to 2015, making forecasts and predictions; and looking back at 2014, evaluating what worked …   and what didn’t.   Then there are the […]

Weight Watchers Fajita Recipe

fajita recipe

In addition to my renewed commitment to the blog, I’m also making a renewed commitment to my health.   And when I say health I really mean my waistline.  And my commitment is to reduce its size.   The health part will be an added bonus.   But it sounds so much more altruistic if […]

Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath

I know the holidays are over. The decorations are down and tucked away until next December.   And I know I should be looking forward … not talking about a holiday that we shouldn’t even start to think about for another eight months or so.   But as I was creating this wreath – a […]

Saw Horse Desk How To

saw horse desk diy

Kevin at The Home Depot was my main man. He looked to be no more than 18- or 19-years-old. And to him I looked like an octogenarian. I know that because he was  surprised that I managed to get a giant sheet of plywood off the shelf and onto my cart.   And to be […]

Paint’s Chips


Do you know what I like to do on Saturday mornings?   I like to read blogs with a warm cup of tea in hand. Lipton tea with milk. And one packet of Equal.   The house is quiet. The kids are upstairs sleeping, hours away from waking up. Mike is rustling around: wrangling laundry, […]

The Year of The Blog


Too often I get swept up in the doing part, and forget about the thinking part.   You know, the part where you take a step back to look at the big picture.   The moment I hit publish on that very first blog post, I’ve been doing, doing, doing. All with very little thinking, […]

2014 Year In Review


I’ve never been a Christmas letter writer. Mostly because it would bore my friends and family to tears.   Seriously.   We live a pretty dull life around here.   I’ve also never been a year-end recap blogger. Mostly because it would turn into a painful reminder of all the things I wanted to do […]

Merry Christmas To You … And Me!

bokeh christmas tree camera settings

Happy holidays, my friends!   I want to send out a warm greeting on this chilly Chicago Christmas eve morning to thank you all for stopping by here and checking up on me and my home! Your kind comments and emails have filled my heart, make my days so much better …   and have […]

Burlap Tree Skirt How To. And It’s No Sew Too!

no sew tree skirt

Each summer we make an annual pilgrimage to visit my parents in Florida. And each summer, it’s a full-on-country-music immersion. We spend those 10 (or so) days in Florida listening to country music on the car radio. Something we never, ever do in Chicago.   Come to think of it, I don’t even know where […]